Perkins, Philip D., 2018, A new genus and new species of Meropathina from Lord Howe Island (Coleoptera: Hydraenidae), Zootaxa 4444 (4), pp. 409-420: 409-410

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Prototympanogaster  , new genus

Type species: Prototympanogaster lordhowensis  , new species.

With characteristics as described for the type species. The neW genus appears most closely related to Tympanogaster Perkins, 1979  . Tympanogaster  currently has four subgenera and 84 species, mostly found in the relict eastern rainforests of Australia ( Perkins, 2006). The neW genus is named in reference to the putative

plesiomorphic condition of the metaventrite, Which is totally hydrofuge pubescent ( Fig. 1), Whereas members of Tympanogaster  have a large, non-pubescent tabella ( Figs. 2, 4 View Figure , 6 View Figure ).