Alphitobius limbalis Fairmaire, 1901

Schawaller, Wolfgang & Grimm, Roland, 2014, The genus Alphitobius Stephens (Coleoptera, Tenebrionidae, Alphitobiini) in Africa and adjacent islands, ZooKeys 415, pp. 169-190: 180

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Alphitobius limbalis Fairmaire, 1901


Alphitobius limbalis Fairmaire, 1901  Fig. 17

Type specimens examined.

Without any data, 1 female “cotype” NHMB (Gebien collection).


It seems doubtful to the authors, if the above listed female (body length 6 mm) without any data is really a type specimen. Other material of this taxon is unknown to the authors. The species is said to be similar to Alphitobius luctuosus  (synonym of Alphitobius crenatus  (Klug, 1833) ( Fairmaire 1901), but is characterised by larger body size (6 mm), rounder pronotum and larger punctures in elytral striae.

Type locality.