Xanthocorus mucronatus Li & Ren

Li, Wenjing, Chen, Xiaosheng, Wang, Xingmin & Ren, Shunxiang, 2015, Contribution to the genus Xanthocorus Miyatake (Coleoptera, Coccinellidae, Chilocorini), ZooKeys 511, pp. 89-98: 93-94

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Xanthocorus mucronatus Li & Ren

sp. n.

Taxon classification Animalia Coleoptera Coccinellidae

Xanthocorus mucronatus Li & Ren  sp. n. Figs 4 a–h, 5


This species is similar to Xanthocorus nigrosuturalis  sp. n., but can be distinguished from it by having lateral margins of elytra yellow (Fig. 4a) and apex of penis pointed (Fig. 4f). In Xanthocorus nigrosuturalis  sp. n., elytral lateral margin is black (Fig. 3a) and penis has blunt and bifurcate apex (Fig. 3f).


TL: 3.75 mm, TW: 2.98 mm, TH: 1.62 mm, TL/TW: 1.27, PL/PW: 0.49, EL/EW: 1.01.

Body broadly oval, moderately convex. Head black except sides of clypeus yellow. Mouthparts black. Antenna brown, sparsely covered with short, greyish pubescence. Pronotum black with anterior angles yellow. Scutellum black. Elytra yellow with black suture (Fig. 4 a–c). Underside black except elytral epipleura yellow, sparsely covered with short, greyish pubescence.

Head relatively large, 0.58 times pronotal width, punctation on frons fine and moderately densely distributed, 2.0-3.0 diameters apart, surface polished between punctation. Eyes approximately oval, densely faceted, interocular distance 0.55 times head width (Fig. 4c). Pronotum 0.55 times elytral width, pronotal punctation fine and sparsely distributed, smaller than those on head, 3.0-4.0 diameters apart, surface polished between punctation. Punctation on elytra moderately fine and sparsely distributed, 2.0-3.0 diameters apart, similar to those on pronotum. Prosternal process narrow with sides parallel. Posterior margin of abdominal ventrite 5 and 6 distinctly emarginated medially in male (Fig. 4d).

Male genitalia: penis slender, penis capsule with short outer and inner arms. Apex of penis strongly narrow with membranous appendage (Fig. 4 e–f). Tegmen stout with penis guide with parallel sided from base to 1/2 length, then gradually converging to blunt apex in ventral view; in lateral view, penis guide widest at base, gradually constricted to apex. Parameres strongly constricted at base and expanded toward apex, longer than penis guide, densely covered with long setae at the inner sides and distal end with a group of long setae in lateral view (Fig. 4 g–h).

Female genitalia: unknown.


Holotype. male, China: Yunnan Prov: Shangri-La, No. 20051215051, [27°90.22'N; 99°63.37'E], ca 3450m, 3.ix.2005, Wang XM leg (SCAU).


China (Yunnan) (Fig. 5).


The species name is derived from Latin and refers to the pointed apex of penis.