Agaricus perforans subsp. subsection, 2016

Petersen, Ronald H. & Hughes, Karen W., 2016, Micromphale sect. Perforantia (Agaricales, Basidiomycetes); Expansion and phylogenetic placement, MycoKeys 18, pp. 1-122 : 9

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MycoKeys by Pensoft

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Agaricus perforans subsp. subsection

subsect. nov.

Section Perforantia subsection Pinophili R.H. Petersen subsect. nov.

Type species.

Gymnopus pinophilus R.H. Petersen (see below)


Separating characters as follows: 1) pileipellis a well-developed Rameales structure; 2) cheilocystidia siccus -type broom cells; 3) stipes glabrous-shining; 4) fruiting on needles of Pinus ; 5) discrete clade well-separated from subsect. Perforantia .