Prionospio caspersi Laubier, 1962

elgado-Blas, Victor Hugo, iaz-Diaz, Oscar & ieitez, Jose M., 2018, Prionospio from the coast of the Iberian Peninsula, with the description of two new species (Annelida, Spionidae), ZooKeys 810, pp. 1-18: 2-3

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Prionospio caspersi Laubier, 1962


Prionospio caspersi Laubier, 1962 

Prionospio caspersi  Laubier, 1962:135-148, figs 1-3.

Prionospio (Prionospio) caspersi  : Imajima 1990: 111-114, figs 4-5; Dagli and Çinar 2009: 3.

Material examined.

Mediterranean Sea. Valencia: 3 specimens ( MNCNM 16.01/4313), 39°43'16"N, 0°10'37"W, coll. G San Martín, April 1998. 1 specimen ( MNCNM 16.01/9834), Denia, Alicante, 38°51'17"N, 0°5'37"E, coll. G San Martín, December 1997. 1 specimen ( MNCNM 16.01/9836), Denia, Alicante, 38°51'17"N, 0°5'37"E, coll G San Martín, December 1997.


Incomplete specimens, 5.5-8.5 mm long for 30-50 chaetigers, 0.5 mm wide. Prostomium triangular, slightly truncate to convex anteriorly, poste riorly tapered, with narrow caruncle extending to posterior edge of chaetiger I. Two pairs of small black subdermal eyes. Peristomium short, fused dorsally with chaetiger I. Four pairs of branchiae present on chaetigers II–V; pairs 1-3 apinnate, densely ciliated laterally; pair four with numerous digitiform pinnules, on lateral and posterior faces of stems, and naked, smooth distal tips. Notopodial postchaetal lamellae largest in branchial region, lamellae triangular; neuropodial lamellae lanceolate; high dorsal crest across dorsum on chaetiger VII. Sabre chaetae from chaetiger XI, neuropodial hooded hooks from chaetigers XVI–XVII; notopodial hooded hooks from chaetigers XXXII–XXXIII. All hooks with one tooth above main tooth.


The specimens examined in this study agree with the original and subsequent descriptions of the species ( Laubier 1962, Imajima 1990, Dagli and Çinar 2009). However, there is a slight difference between our specimens and Dagli and Çinar’s specimens: the sabre chaetae were reported as present from chaetiger X by Dagli and Çinar (2009) whereas they first appear on chaetiger XI in our specimens. There are a few further differences between the specimens examined here and the description given by Imajima (1990). Imajima (1990) described the prostomium as being broadly flared anteriorly, with a slight medial indentation and unilimbate chaetae, whereas the specimens in this study have a narrower prostomium that is slightly truncate to convex anteriorly, with bilimbate chaetae. Due, to these morphological differences, the identity of the specimens recorded as P. caspersi  from Japan by Imajima (1990) should be verified.


Zostera marina  , sand, muddy sand, depth 3-68 m.


Mediterranean Sea: Italy, Venetian Lagoon (type locality); Southern coast of Turkey; Black Sea; Iberian coasts: Aveiro (Portugal), Catalonia, Valencia, Denia (Alicante); Pacific Ocean: Japan.