Glyptocombus sp. (unassociated female)

Weirauch, Christiane, Hoey-Chamberlain, Rochelle & Knyshov, Alexander, 2018, Synopsis of Schizopteridae (Hemiptera, Heteroptera, Dipsocoromorpha) from the United States, with description of seven new species from the US and Mexico, ZooKeys 796, pp. 49-82: 49

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Glyptocombus sp. (unassociated female)


Glyptocombus sp. (unassociated female)  Figures 1, 10


MEXICO: Chiapas: Ocozocoautla de Espinosa Municipality Co.: Reserva El Ocote, Campo El Ocote, 17.04278°N 93.80778°W, 274 m, 26 Jul 1997 - 29 Jul 1997, Gonzalez, Woolley, & Galdamez, 1 female (UCR_ENT 00094274) ( TAMU).


We have examined one undescribed female specimen of Glyptocombus  from Chiapas in Mexico that has remained unassociated with male specimens (Figure 1; UCR_ENT 00094274). This specimen differs from females of Glyptocombus mexicanus  sp. n. in being macropterous (elytriform forewings in males and females of Glyptocombus mexicanus  sp. n.). Although wing polymorphism is common in Hypselosomatinae  , species with elytriform forewings in males have not been documented to contain macropterous females ( Hill 1984, Hoey-Chamberlain and Weirauch 2016).