Paiwana Huber

Huber, Bernhard A., Eberle, Jonas & Dimitrov, Dimitar, 2018, The phylogeny of pholcid spiders: a critical evaluation of relationships suggested by molecular data (Araneae, Pholcidae), ZooKeys 789, pp. 51-101: 85

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Paiwana Huber

gen. n.

Paiwana Huber  gen. n.

Type species.

Pholcus pingtung  Huber & Dimitrov, 2014.


Named for the Paiwan, an indigenous people of Taiwan. Gender feminine.


Large, long-legged spiders with six eyes and cylindrical abdomen ( Huber and Dimitrov 2014: figs 1-4). Easily distinguished from similar species in other genera ( Teranga  , Pholcus  , Muruta  ) by unique modifications of male chelicerae (pair of weakly sclerotized lateral apophyses and two pairs of distinctive frontal apophyses: proximal pair flat and pointed, distal pair finger-shaped, both without modified hairs; Huber and Dimitrov 2014: fig. 19); from most genera (except Muruta  , Calapnita  ) also by shape of epigynum (roughly triangular plate, ‘knob’ directed towards anterior) ( Huber and Dimitrov 2014: fig. 20).


Taiwan ( Huber and Dimitrov 2014: fig. 34).


Only two species newly transferred from Pholcus  : P. chengpoi  (Huber & Dimitrov, 2014); P. pingtung  (Huber & Dimitrov, 2014).