Hycleus argentatus

Bologna, Marco A., Amore, Valentina & Pitzalis, Monica, 2018, Meloidae of Namibia (Coleoptera): taxonomy and faunistics with biogeographic and ecological notes, Zootaxa 4373 (1), pp. 1-141: 58-59

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Hycleus argentatus


Ac) Hycleus argentatus  species group

This group, defined by Pardo Alcaide (1963) and by Bologna (1990), includes: (a) at least three southern African species listed below ( H. jucundus  , H. peringueyi  , H. surcoufi  with their synonyms); (b) seven species from the Sahelo-Saharan area [ H. argentatus (Fabricius, 1792)  , H. bicoloricornis (Pic, 1924)  (a nomen praeoccupatum and possible synonym of H. argentatus  ), H. egregius (Voigts, 1902)  , H. gabonensis (Pic, 1913)  , H. guineeensis ( Marseul, 1872)  , H. ocellaris (Olivier, 1811)  , H. quadrinotatus (Pic, 1948)  ]; (c) three species from eastern and central Africa [( H. amabilis (Fairmaire, 1887)  , H. salaamensis (Pic, 1913)  , H. upembanus (Kaszab, 1957)  ]. This group of species is easily distinguishable by the reduced number of antennomeres (nine, rarely eigth in some specimens) and the silver setation very dense and short on the body.

Hycleus jucundus (Erichson, 1843)  ( Fig. 3QView FIGURE 3)

Mylabris (Actenodia) jucunda Erichson, 1843 

Distribution. Angola and Namibia  .

Material examined and literature records. [Omusati] Ruacana: C46, Ruacana Falls, 17.4000°S 14.2833°E (CB). Ogongo: C46, Ruacana-Oshakati 5 km E of Ombalantu (= Uutapi )GoogleMaps  , 17.5405°S 15.0403°E (CB). Okahao: C35, Kamanjab-Ruacana 25 km NW KamanjabGoogleMaps  , 18.4775°S 14.6977°E (CB); Site 7/ Row BGoogleMaps  , 18.9497°S 14.5600°E (SMWN); Duikersdrink, Etosha N.P., 19.0667°S 14.7167°E ( SMWN); C35, Kamanjab-Ruacana 77 km NW of KamanjabnGoogleMaps  , 19.2528°S 14.4442°E (CB). [Kunene] Epupa: Hippo Pool on Kunene River 20 km W of RuacanaGoogleMaps  , 17.4092°S 14.2185°E (CB). Opuwo: C35, Kamanjab-Ruacana 46 km S of cross-road for Opuwo GoogleMaps  , 18.3280°S 14.3035°E (CB); C35, Kamanjab-Ruacana GoogleMaps  , 18.9027°S 14.3903°E (CB). Kamanjab: Otjitambi GoogleMaps  , 19.8167°S 15.1667°E ( SMWN). [Oshana] Okatana: D3609, Oshakati-Ongenga 3 km N jct. C46GoogleMaps  , 17.7377°S 15.6727°E (CB). [Oshikoto] Onayena: B1, Ondangwa-Tsumeb 26 km SE of OndangwaGoogleMaps  , 18.0402°S 16.2037°E (CB). [Otjozondjupa] Otjiwarongo: C63, Outjo-Kalkfeld 15 km N of KalkfeldGoogleMaps  , 20.7537°S 16.2210°E (CB). Omatako: 100 km N Okahandja GoogleMaps  , 21.0920°S 16.8280°E (CP). [Erongo] Omaruru : C33, 3GoogleMaps  9 km S of Omaruru (Karibib-Omaruru), 21.4948°S 15.9705°E (CB). Dâures: Gross Spitzkoppe GoogleMaps  , 21.8167°S 15.1667°E (CB). Karibib: Karibib GoogleMaps  , 21.9333°S 15.8333°E (CB); B2, Usakos-Karibib 16 km W of Karibib GoogleMaps  , 21.9358°S 15.7056°E (CB); Karibib , D1953, jct. C32GoogleMaps  , 21.9552°S 15.8493°E (CB). [Karas] Lüderitz: near Aus GoogleMaps  , 26.6667°S 16.2667°E (CP).

Other records: Namibia  ( Bologna 2000a; Pitzalis et al. 2014).

Remarks. Types of this species were not examined.

Hycleus peringueyi (Pic, 1953)  ( Fig. 3RView FIGURE 3)

Actenodia jucunda Péringuey, 1909  (nec Erichson, 1843) Actenodia peringueyi Pic, 1953 

Distribution. Botswana, Namibia  , South Africa, and Zimbabwe.

Material and literature records. [Omusati] Outapi: Mahanene Agric. Research Station , Ovambo , 17.4333°S 14.7833°E ( SMWN)GoogleMaps  . Anamulenge: C 46, 100 km ESE Ruacana, 17.5333°S 15.1167°E (CB). Elim : C46, 15 km NW Oshakati, 17.6833°S 15.5167°E (CB). Tsandi : Tsandi, Ovamboland, 17.7667°S 14.8667°E ( SMWN)GoogleMaps  . Ogongo : Iikango, Ovamboland, 17.8500°S 15.2333°E ( SMWN)GoogleMaps  . Ruacana : Ekango, Kaokoland, 18.6833°S 14.3167°E ( SMWN). [Caprivi] Kongola: HorseshoeGoogleMaps  , West Caprivi, 17.8833°S 23.2833°E ( SMWN)GoogleMaps  . [Kunene] Kamanjab: Kamanjab , 19.6333°S 14.8333°E ( SMWN)GoogleMaps  . Khorixas : Fransfontein, Damaraland, 20.1833°S 15.0167°E ( SMWN)GoogleMaps  . [Erongo] Dâures : northern end Tsisab, Brandberg, 21.0833°S 14.6667°E ( SMWN)GoogleMaps  . Karibib : Karibib, D 1953, jct. C32, 21.9552°S 15.8493°E (CB). [Karas] Oranjemund: 10 km NW Rosh PinahGoogleMaps  , 27.9000°S 16.7000°E (SMWN).

Other records: Namib Sand Sea desert ( Seely 2012); Namibia  ( Bologna 2000a; Pitzalis et al. 2014).

Remarks. Types of this species were examined at SAMC and that of its synonym at MNHN.

Hycleus surcoufi (Pic, 1932)  ( Fig. 3SView FIGURE 3)

Coryna surcoufi Pic, 1932 

Coryna sororia Borchmann, 1940 

Coryna argentata De Moor, 1978  (nec Fabricius, 1801)

Distribution. Botswana, Mozambique, northwestern Namibia  , South Africa, and Zambia.

Material and literature records. [Oshikoto] Oniipa: B1, 20 km SE Ondangwa (road), 17.9833°S 16.1333°E (CB). Onayena: B1, Ondangwa-Tsumeb 26 km SE of Ondangwa GoogleMaps  , 18.0402°S 16.2037°E (CB). [Erongo] Karibib: Karibib , 21.9333°S 15.8333°E ( SMWN)GoogleMaps  .

Other records: Namibia  ( Bologna 2000a; Pitzalis et al. 2014).

Remarks. Types of this species were examined at MNHN.


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Hycleus argentatus

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Coryna argentata

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Actenodia peringueyi

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Coryna sororia

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Actenodia jucunda Péringuey, 1909

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