Sensillonychiurus Pomorski & Sveenkova, 2006

Babenko, Anatoly B., Chimitova, Ayuna B. & Stebaeva, Sophya K., 2011, New Palaearctic species of the tribe Thalassaphorurini Pomorski, 1998 (Collembola, Onychiuridae), ZooKeys 126, pp. 1-38: 1

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Sensillonychiurus Pomorski & Sveenkova, 2006


Sensillonychiurus Pomorski & Sveenkova, 2006 


Sensillonychiurus minusculus  Pomorski & Sveenkova, 2006: 191, by original designation.


Small-sized Thalassaphorurini  with low number of compound vesicles in PAO; labrum with 7 setae, labium of AC or ABC-type; AO with 4-5 papillae and 3-4 guard setae, smooth sensory clubs; distinct antennal, tergal and sternal sensilla, without d0 on head, Abd.4 with m0 and p0, Abd.5 with p0, Abd.6 dorsally with 1+1 prespinal microsetae and 1 medial macroseta; distal whorl of setae on Ti.1-3 with 7 or 9 setae, both M seta on all legs and B6 on Ti.3 absent; pso on Th.1 usually present, no tendency to dorsal pso multiplication, low number of sternal pso; psx usually absent; sternum of Abd.3 not clearly divided, furcal remnant situated at contact with border between Abd.3-4 sterna with two regular rows of manubrial setae set posteriorly to 4 dental setae; AS present or absent.