Gecarcinus Leach, 1814

Perger, Robert & Wall, Adam, 2014, The description of a new species of the Neotropical land crab genus Gecarcinus Leach, 1814 (Crustacea, Decapoda, Brachyura, Gecarcinidae), ZooKeys 435, pp. 93-109: 95-96

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Gecarcinus Leach, 1814


Taxon classification Animalia Decapoda Gecarcinidae

Gecarcinus Leach, 1814 

Gecarcinus  Leach, 1814: 430.

Type species.

Cancer ruricola  Linnaeus, 1758 (original combination).


Exopod not projecting beyond third maxilliped ischium-merus articulation, without flagellum; palp concealed by third maxilliped merus margin. Mesial segment of first male gonopod distally reduced and terminal segment basally exposed, terminal segment projecting beyond apical setae.


Because further evidence challenging Türkay’s (1973) synonymization of Gecarcinus quadratus  with Gecarcinus lateralis  has not been presented to date, we follow his taxonomy and treat Gecarcinus quadratus  , described from the Pacific mainland, as a junior synonym of Gecarcinus lateralis  .

Key to the species of Gecarcinus  Leach, 1814