Zhou, De-Yao & Li, Li-Zhen, 2016, New data on Horaeomorphus Schaufuss (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae: Scydmaeninae) from the Oriental region, with description of a bizarre new species from Yunnan, Southeast China, Zootaxa 4161 (2), pp. 271-281: 276

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Horaeomorphus  sp.

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Material examined. 1♀, labeled ‘ China: Yunnan, Yinjiang Hsien (盈江县), Tongbiguan Country (铜壁关乡) to Nabang Town (那邦镇), 24°37'47.57''N, 97°34'59.01''E, rotten wood, sifted, 1000m, 17.ii.2016, Jian-Yue Qiu & Hao Xu leg.’.GoogleMaps 

Measurements. BL 2.68 mm, HL 0.41 mm, HW 0.60 mm; PL 0.83 mm, PWb 0.52 mm, PWm 0.71 mm; EL 1.44 mm, EW 0.96 mm, EI 1.50; AnL 1.23 mm, relative lengths of antennomeres: 1.3: 1.1: 1.5: 1.4: 1.3: 1.2: 1.1: 1.0: 1.3: 1.3: 2.4; SpL 0.12 mm.

Remarks. This female is very similar to H. hainanicus Zhou & Zhang, 2016  in body length and proportions of body parts. However, this specimens was collected far from Hainan Is., South China, from where H. hainanicus  was originally described; moreover, the spermatheca of H. hainanicus  is more slender than that of this female. Not far from site where this female was collected, H. pengzhongi Zhou & Zhang, 2016  was described from Mt. Gaoligong, a species which has a similar habitus. However, the rounded tempora and the strongly convex pronotum of H. pengzhongi  are clearly diffrerent from those of the discussed female. Another externally highly similar species, H. solodovnikovi Jałoszyński, 2014a  was described from Laos, and the female of this species is still unknown. Consequently, the identification of this specimen cannot be confirmed until the associated males have been found.