Krüger, Andreas, 2019, Notes on Afrotropical Enicocephalidae and Reduviidae (Hemiptera: Heteroptera) with emphasis on vehicle-mounted net samples from Liberia, West Africa, Zootaxa 4688 (2), pp. 232-248: 234-235

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Systelloderes  sp. near S. stuckenbergi (Villiers, 1960) 

( Fig. 1IView FIGURE 1)

Material examined: LIBERIA: Bong county, trip Weadea—Gengema—Weadea—Liberia Research Unit (Bong Mine)  , 19.v.1989, 5:51–7 pm, vehicle-mounted net, leg. Rolf Garms (1 ♀).

Distribution: New for Liberia. Republic of South Africa.

Remark: According to the original description S. stuckenbergi  should have its antennal segment III distinctly longer than II. However, in fig. 303 of Villiers (1969) the two segments appear to be subequal, as is the case in the Liberian specimen (fig. 1I).