Kenyaconger, David G. Smith & Emma S. Karmovskaya, 2003

David G. Smith & Emma S. Karmovskaya, 2003, A new genus and two new species of congrid eels (Teleostei: Anguilliformes: Congridae) from the Indo-West Pacific, with a redescription and osteology of Chiloconger dentatus., Zootaxa 343, pp. 1-19 : 14-15

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Kenyaconger View in CoL   ZBK gen. nov.

Type species: Kenyaconger heemstrai   ZBK sp. nov.

Diagnosis: Body moderately stout, preanal length greater than 40% TL; caudal fin reduced, tip of tail blunt and stiffened; dorsal- and anal-fin rays unsegmented; head deep, snout short and bluntly rounded; eye large, greater than snout length; well developed flange on upper and lower lip; posterior nostril opening through a tube on edge of upper lip, behind labial flange; adnasal pore absent. Maxillary and mandibular teeth biserial anteriorly, uniserial posteriorly, main series compressed and incisor-like, closely spaced and forming a cutting edge.

Etymology: Named for the east African nation of Kenya, off whose coast the type species was collected.

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