Miller, Ellen R., Gunnell, Gregg F., Gawad, Mohammad Abdel, Hamdan, Mohamad, El-Barkooky, Ahmed N., Clementz, Mark T. & Hassan, , 1914, Anthracotheres from Wadi Moghra, early Miocene, Egypt, Journal of Paleontology 88 (5), pp. 967-981: 978

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Anthracotheriidae  species indeterminate

The following specimens from Wadi Moghra are placed in an indeterminate group because either the fragmentary nature of the material, extreme wear, serious abrasion, or a combination of all three prevents assigning the specimen to a known taxon. DPC 2504, left dentary fragment; DPC 3629, left maxilla M2-3; DPC 4245, edentulous partial palate left P2-3, right P2-4; DPC 4421, left dentary dp4-m2, p4, p4 in crypt; DPC 4434 right dentary m3 fragment; DPC 4437, left dentary p2, dp3-4; DPC 4585, left dentary fragment with tooth fragments; DPC 6426, right m3; DPC 8932, right edentulous dentary fragment; DPC 8933, right MX; DPC 8952, right edentulous dentary fragment; DPC 12593, left dentary symphysis, c, dp4-m1, m2 in crypt; DPC 12930, left dentary dp3-4; DPC 14576, left dentary dp3-4, m1 in crypt; DPC 14577, right m3 fragment; DPC 17705, left edentulous dentary fragment; DPC 17734, right dentary with m3.