Distigmoptera Blake

Konstantinov, A. S. & Konstantinova, A. A., 2011, New genus and species of flea beetles (Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae, Galerucinae, Alticini) from Puerto Rico, with comments on flea beetle diversity in the West Indies and a key to the West India, ZooKeys 155, pp. 61-87: 61

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Distigmoptera Blake


Distigmoptera Blake  Figs 15-27

Distigmoptera  Blake, 1943: 209 (type species Distigmoptera apicalis  Blake, 1943, by original designation).


Distigmoptera  was first recorded in the West Indies by Medvedev (2004) who described a new species from the Dominican Republic. Fourteen previously described species of this genus are known to occur in the USA, Canada, Mexico, and Costa Rica. Among the West Indian genera of Monoplatini, Distigmoptera  is mostly similar to Apleuraltica  Bechyn√©. Apart from characters mentioned in the key (see below), Distigmoptera  can be differentiated from Apleuraltica  by the antennae that are not clearly clubbed, antennomere six in males is only slightly different from antennomere seven (the antennae are clearly clubbed, antennomere six in males is markedly different from antennomere seven in being much shorter and narrower than seven in Apleuraltica  ) and by the metatibial apex without a sharp denticle (the metatibial apex has a sharp denticle in Apleuraltica  ).