Antrocephalus cameroni Delvare, 2017

Abul-Sood, Medhat I. & Gadallah, Neveen S., 2018, New records of the family Chalcididae (Hymenoptera: Chalcidoidea) from Egypt, Zootaxa 4410 (1), pp. 136-146: 140

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Antrocephalus cameroni Delvare, 2017


Antrocephalus cameroni Delvare, 2017  

Material examined. 1♂, Sadat city (Minufiya), Malaise trap, 30.x.2014, leg. M. Abul-Sood; 3♂, 12♀, Kamshush (Minufiya), Malaise trap, 4.ix 2015, leg. M. Abul-Sood; 3♂, 2♀, Kamshush (Minufiya), Malaise trap, 11.ix.2015, leg. M. Abul-Sood; 3♂, 1♀, Sadat city (Minufiya), Malaise trap, 28.iv.2016, leg. M. Abul-Sood [EFC].

Extralimital distribution. OR: India.

Remarks. This species is likely what Roy & Farooqi (1984) described as A. brevidentata   . However, Gerard Delvare (personal communication) suggested using the name A. cameroni Delvare   because he believes A. brevidentata   likely is the same as Stomatocerus rufipes Cameron, 1907. The latter name is a secondary homonym, for which he provided the new name, A. cameroni (Delvare 2017)   .