Ectoedemia ulmella (Braun) Wilkinson & Scoble

Nieukerken, Erik J. van, Gilrein, Daniel Owen & Eiseman, Charles S., 2018, Stigmellamultispicata Rociene. & Stonis, an Asian leafminer on Siberian elm, now widespread in eastern North America (Lepidoptera, Nepticulidae), ZooKeys 784, pp. 95-125: 95

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Ectoedemia ulmella (Braun) Wilkinson & Scoble


Ectoedemia ulmella (Braun) Wilkinson & Scoble  Figures 35, 40-43

Nepticula ulmella  Braun, 1912: 87.

Ectoedemia ulmella  : Wilkinson and Scoble 1979: 91.


Ectoedemia ulmella  (Figure 35) can easily be distinguished from the Ulmus  -feeding Stigmella  spp. by the small collar with hair-scales only ( Stigmella  spp. have lamellar scales), combined with the medial white fascia and pale fringe. Other species of Ectoedemia  may look similar, but males of E. ulmella  stand out by the brown androconial scales on hindwing upperside. For genitalia see Wilkinson and Newton (1981).


Host plants. Ulmus americana  L., U. alata  Michx., U. rubra  Muhl. (= fulva Michx.), U. thomasii  Sarg. (= racemosa D. Thomas) ( Ulmaceae  ) ( Braun 1917, Wilkinson and Newton 1981). Ulmus alata  constitutes a new host record.

Leafmine  (Figs 40-43). Egg usually on upper leaf surface, often against a vein. Early mine a narrow linear tract with broken narrow linear frass, sometimes filled with frass, at first often winding, then straighter, often following a vein, later mine abruptly widening into an irregular blotch with scattered frass. Larval exit on leaf upper side, or cocoon spun inside mine, often in center of blotch ( Braun 1917) (Figure 43).

Larva. Pale yellowish white, feeding with venter upwards, ganglia usually obvious; head capsule translucent brown. Larva spinning brown cocoon inside mine or on debris.

Life history. Larvae found from July to early October, possibly in two generations, but it is also possible that this represents one extended generation. Adults recorded from May to August. From larvae collected in August, the adults emerged the following year.


Widespread in Eastern North America, positive records from: Canada: New Brunswick*, Ontario, Quebec, USA: Alabama*, Florida*, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland*, Massachusetts*, Mississippi*, New York, North Carolina*, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee*, Vermont* ( Braun 1917, Wilkinson 1981, Wilkinson and Newton 1981, asterisks indicate new records).

DNA barcodes.

We have six DNA barcodes, all with BINBOLD: AAJ6172 (Figure 44).


In BOLD there are two specimens from Texas with a distant but related DNA barcode (BOLD:ABX4315); we have not yet checked whether these also belong to E. ulmella  .

Material examined.

Canada: 2♂, 1♀, 1 leafmine, Ontario, La Passe, e.l. 22. ii– 26.iii.1971, Ulmus americana  ; 4 leafmines, Ontario, Ottawa, 28. vii– 7.viii.1955, U. americana  ; 1♀, 5 leafmines, Ontario, Overbrook, 22. vii– 7.viii.1955, U. americana  ; 2 larvae, several mines, Québec, Brome-Missisquoi, St Armand, Étang Streit, 7.ix.2015, U. americana  ; 4 vacated mines, Québec, Gatineau, Aylmer, Deschênes, Ottawa rivershore, 12.ix.2015, U. rubra  ; 1♂, Québec, Gatineau, Aylmer,; 1♀, ibidem, 7.vii.1989; 1♂, Québec, Gatineau, Aylmer, 48 rue Notre-Dame, 1.viii.1997; 1♂, 1♀, Québec, Gatineau, Aylmer, 18 rue Washington,; 3♂, 4♀, 11 leafmines, Québec, Kingsmere, 10-11.ix.1955, e.l. 12. v– 17.vii.1956, U. rubra  ; 5 leafmines, Québec, Kingsmere, 1971, U. americana  ; 4 leafmines, Québec, Quyon, 1969, U. americana  . United States: several vacated mines, Alabama, Monroe Co., Haines Island Park, along Alabama River, 12.x.2010, Ulmus  ; several mines, Florida, Volusia Co., Lake Woodruff NWR, Mud Lake Road, 24.ix.2016, U. americana  ; 1♀, Maryland, Calvert Co., Calvert, Scientists Cliffs, 2179 Bluebell Road, 3.viii.2007; vacated mines, Massachusetts, Hampshire Co., Northampton, Northampton Bikeway west of King St., 13.ix.2013, Ulmus  ; several vacated mines, Mississippi, Oktibbeha Co., Black Prairie Reserve, nr 16th Section Rd, 6.x.2010, U. alata  ; 1 larva, several mines, New York, Essex Co., S Wilmington, W branch Ausable river, 13.ix.2011, U. americana  ; several mines, New York, Essex Co, Wilsboro, Noblewood Park, 14.ix.2011, U. americana  ; 1♂, New York, Tompkins Co., Cornell Univ., e.l. 14.viii.1994, Ulmus  ; 3 vacated mines, North Carolina, Haywood Co., NP Great Smoky Mts, Big Creek area, 28.ix.2010, U. alata  ; 3 larvae, several mines, Tennessee, Blount Co., NP Great Smoky Mts, Rich Mountain Gap, 2.x.2010, U. americana  ; 1♂, 2♀, several mines, Tennessee, Blount Co., Townsend, Laurel Valley, 3.x.2010, e.l. 11-19.iv.2011, U. americana  ; 1 vacated mine, Vermont, Addison Co., Addison, Dead Creek WMA, 16.ix.2011, U. americana  ; 2 vacated mines, Vermont, Chittenden Co., Burlington, Colchester Bog, C. Eiseman & J. Blyth, 5.ix.2015, U. americana  .

Online photographs: Canada: vacated mines, New Brunswick, York Co., Fredericton (Lincoln Trail), 9.ix.2014, Christopher Adam,