Canna indica L.

Oliveira, Adriana & Bove, Claudia, 2016, Checklist of aquatic and marshy Monocotyledons from the Araguaia River basin, Brazilian Cerrado, Biodiversity Data Journal 4, pp. 7085-7085: 7085

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Canna indica L.


Canna indica L. 


Type status: Other material. Occurrence: recordNumber: 8898; recordedBy: T. Plowman et al.; Location: country: Brazil; countryCode: BRA; stateProvince: Pará; locality: Santana do Araguaia, Redencao-Barreiras dos Campos road, PA-150, 100 Km South of Redencao ; verbatimLatitude: 8°45'00.0"S; verbatimLongitude: 50°25'00.0"W; verbatimCoordinateSystem: degree minutes; Event: year: 1980; month: 2; day: 19; Record Level: institutionID: Missouri Botanical Garden Herbarium; institutionCode: MOGoogleMaps