Cyphorhinus transfluvialis ( Todd, 1932 )

Bocalini, Fernanda & Silveira, Luís Fábio, 2016, A taxonomic revision of the Musician Wren, Cyphorhinus arada (Aves, Troglodytidae), reveals the existence of six valid species endemic to the Amazon basin, Zootaxa 4193 (3), pp. 541-564: 551

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Cyphorhinus transfluvialis ( Todd, 1932 )


Cyphorhinus transfluvialis ( Todd, 1932) 

English name: Imeri Wren

Portuguese name: Uirapuru-do-Imeri

Type-locality: Manacapuru, Rio Solimões , Amazonas, Brazil. 

Diagnosis: belly brownish yellow (M 10YR 6/4, 6/6, 6/8) similar to the coloration of the throat, chest and chin, which results in only a slight contrast between the color of the throat and chest and the lower body.

Voice: mostly consists of a variety of complex phrases accompanied by low guttural notes. Phrases generally have an elevated number of notes (10–14), short duration (2–3 s), and the fastest pace of all species in the complex (5–6 notes/s). Each phrase is repeated several times before changing to the next.

Distribution: from the eastern base of the Andes in southeastern Colombia and from the northern bank of Río Putumayo / Içá eastwards to the Rio Solimões and Rio Negro in northwestern Brazil ( Figure 4View FIGURE 4).