Cyphorhinus interpositus ( Todd, 1932 )

Bocalini, Fernanda & Silveira, Luís Fábio, 2016, A taxonomic revision of the Musician Wren, Cyphorhinus arada (Aves, Troglodytidae), reveals the existence of six valid species endemic to the Amazon basin, Zootaxa 4193 (3), pp. 541-564: 553

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Cyphorhinus interpositus ( Todd, 1932 )


Cyphorhinus interpositus ( Todd, 1932) 

English name: Rondonia Wren 

Portuguese name: Uirapuru-de-orelha-alaranjada

Type-locality: Vila Braga, Pará, Brazil. 

Diagnosis: belly greyish brown (M 10YR 5/2, 5/3); crown red (M 2.5YR 4/8) with cinnamon brown (S 7YR 4/ 4).

Voice: series of simple phrases, each with few notes (3–5), short duration (1.5– 2.3 s), very slow pace (2.1–2.5 note/s), elevated mean peak frequency (3385.5 Hz), the longest minimum note duration among all the species and longest average note duration (0.17 s). Each phrase is repeated various times before changing to the next.

Distribution: the southern bank of Amazon River from the eastern bank of Rio Madeira to the western bank of Rio Tapajós ( Figure 4View FIGURE 4).