Lamyra rossi Oldroyd,

Dikow, Torsten & Londt, J. G. H., 2000, A review of Lamyra Loew (Diptera: Asilidae: Laphriinae), African Entomology 8 (2), pp. 189-200: 196

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Lamyra rossi Oldroyd


Lamyra rossi Oldroyd  , Figs 7-9, 15

Lamyra rossi Oldroyd, 1974  : 100.


Based on the female holotype and male paratype , both from Angola. This brief redescription supplements Oldroyd's original description that appeared in a key.

Head. Frons, face, maxillary palp, antenna and vertex orange; proboscis proximally orange-red, distally red-brown, with mixed black and white setae along dorsal ridge; two white divergent setae on ocellar tubercle.

Thorax. Mesonotum orange-red with black pattern, female with pair of black posterolateral spots, male with two black longitudinal stripes, not reaching hind margin, and two pairs of black marks laterally; mesopleura black, distinct greyish pruinescence consists of one anterior patch on anepisternum, two pruinose pleurites anterior to wing base, and an extensive patch on posterodorsal margin of katepisternum; metapleura with posterior stripe of distinct greyish pruinescence (as in L. gulo, Fig  . 13). Legs. Tibiae and tarsi orange-red with black macrosetae; fore and mid femora orange with bluish-black dorsal stripe not reaching extremities; hind femora orange with bluish-black band in distal part, not reaching apex (female: half as longas femur; male: extended over most of femur).

Abdomen. T1-3 almost entirely greyish or yellow-gold pruinose, T4 black pruinose, T5-8 dull black with yellow setae in F, except for anterior half of T5 where setae are white, and white setae in males; genitalia of both sexes orange-red with yellow (female) or mostly white (male) setae. Male genitalia as in Figs 7-9.

Type material examined. Holotype ♀, ANGOLA: Angola 45 mi S. / Santa Combe Dao [11.38S 14.53E] / 3.iv.1970 / Edward S. Ross' ( CASC)GoogleMaps  ; 1♂ paratype, Angola: 16 mi W. / Paiva Couceiro [12.45S 15.41E] / 1330 m, 9.xii.1966 / E.S. Ross & / K. Lorenzen' ( CASC)GoogleMaps  .


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