Entomobrya tenuicauda Schött, 1917, Schott, 1917

Jordana, Rafael & Greenslade, Penelope, 2020, Biogeographical and ecological insights from Australasian faunas: the megadiverse collembolan genus, Entomobrya (Entomobryidae), Zootaxa 4770 (1), pp. 1-104: 90

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Entomobrya tenuicauda Schött, 1917


Entomobrya tenuicauda Schött, 1917   .

Type locality. QLD, Logan Village , - 27.76848°N, 153.1076°E, 18m asl, Mjöberg GoogleMaps   .

Other material examined. SAMA: TAS, New Town, - 42.8594°S, 147.3056°E, 8.ix.32, det. Womersley; QLD, Brisbane, 4.ix.33. Both specimens confirmed here as Entomobrya   sp. cf multifasciata   det. Greenslade (1980).

The type specimen of E. tenuicauda   from Logan Village, Queensland in the NHRM has not been examined. It may be a good species. If it is, it is likely it is restricted in distribution to south-eastern Queensland. The identity of E. tenuicauda   as a good species cannot therefore be confirmed.

Note. There are three named varieties of Entomobrya   remaining that cannot be confirmed. They are Entomobrya nivalis   v immaculata Schäffer, 1896, Entomobrya marginata   v pallida Krausbauer, 1898 on three slides all identified and labelled by H. Womersley. The specimens are in too poor condition to be determined to species. Schött (1917) describes a further variety, E. marginata laticlavia   which was not examined nor was E. nivalis var. dorsalis Ågren, 1904   recorded by Womersley (1939) from Kangaroo Island.


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