Uroleucon adesmiae Mier Durante & Ortego, 2008,

Durante, M. Pilar Mier, Ortego, Jaime, Von Dohlen, Carol D. & Nafría, Juan Manuel Nieto, 2020, A further contribution to the knowledge of Uroleucon species (Hemiptera, Aphididae) living on Adesmia (Fabaceae) in southern South America, with description of a new species from Chile, Zootaxa 4748 (3), pp. 548-560: 550

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Uroleucon adesmiae Mier Durante & Ortego, 2008


Uroleucon adesmiae Mier Durante & Ortego, 2008 

Studied new material. ARGENTINA: Chubut province, Cushamen department, Epuyén: near 40 and 70 roads cross (42º 12’ S, 71º 23’ W, 380 m a.s.l.), on Adesmia boronioides  , 12-January-2019, Mier Durante, Nieto Nafría and Ortego leg., 8 apterous viviparous females [6 measured], collection of the University of León (León, Spain)GoogleMaps  .

The apterous viviparous females collected in Epuyén are very similar to those previously studied ( Mier Durante et al. 2008; Nieto Nafría et al. 2019), although with small variations in the limits of the ranges of several quantitative characteristics; most noteworthy variations are in Table 1. The latitude of Epuyén is intermediate between the latitudes of the known extremes of distribution of the species.

Uroleucon adesmiae  had until now been recorded from one or several species of Adesmia  , which were not identified to species due to their stage of growth; however, they were clearly not A. boronioides  . They were most likely one or several species of Adesmia  recorded from the corresponding areas of the Neuquén and Chubut provinces by Ulibarri & Burkart (2000).

From all these data and those available on U. nahuelhuapense  and U. australe  (see below) it can be concluded that U. adesmiae  has the widest distribution and diversity of host plants of the three species of Uroleucon  living on Adesmia  .