Allantus sanguinolentus Mocsáry, 1909,

Taeger, Andreas, 2013, The type specimens of Tenthredo Linnaeus, 1758 (Hymenoptera: Tenthredinidae) deposited in the Hungarian Natural History Museum, Zootaxa 3626 (2), pp. 201-244: 229

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Allantus sanguinolentus Mocsáry, 1909


Allantus sanguinolentus Mocsáry, 1909 

A junior subjective synonym of Tenthredo (Tenthredo) brevivertex brevivertex  (Konow, 1905 b). Synonymy by Zhelochovtsev (1976 a).

TYPES. Allantus sanguinolentus Mocsáry, 1909: 25  . Syntypes Ƥ 3, “Turkestania: Montes Alai”. Lectotype Ƥ, hereby designated ( Fig. 34View FIGURE 34 – 35. 34). Type locality: “Alai mont.” [= Alai, mountain range in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan].

DISCUSSION. Taeger (1988 a) based his placement of the taxon on a short study of syntypes of sanguinolentus  . According to Mocsáry (1909), A. sanguinolentus  was based on 9 Ƥ and 16 3. The lectotype of sanguinolentus  ( Fig. 34View FIGURE 34 – 35. 34) has tergum 1 and the pronotum pale marked. In addition to the lectotype, 6 Ƥ and 163 of the type series were found (labelled as paralectotypes). The females may have tergum 1 and / or the pronotum entirely black. The males of the species seem to be, unlike the females, rather stable in colouration ( Fig. 35View FIGURE 34 – 35. 34). See also under Allantus fulvicornis  .