Polyplectropus robertsonae, Chamorro & Holzenthal, 2010

Chamorro, Maria Lourdes & Holzenthal, Ralph W., 2010, 2582, Zootaxa 2582, pp. 1-252: 132-134

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Polyplectropus robertsonae

new species

Polyplectropus robertsonae   , new species

Figs. 65, 139

Polyplectropus robertsonae   has a trifid mesoventral process of the preanal appendage, as does P. tripunctatum   , new species (bifid in P. manuensis   ), but the median lobe in P. robertsonae   , new species is lightly sclerotized, whereas in P. tripunctatum   this median lobe is larger than adjacent lobes and strongly sclerotized. In addition, P. robertsonae   has a downturned and basally rounded ventral branch (bifid in P. tripunctatum   or a small, simple lobe in P. manuensis   ).

Adult. Length of forewing 4.5 mm, n = 3. Color of head and thorax brown, legs yellowish-brown (specimen preserved in alcohol).

Male genitalia. Sternum IX in lateral view deltoid, anterior margin ventrally produced, posterior margin submedially produced; in ventral view rectangular, anterior margin sinuate and medially highly concave, posterior margin with slight median flange. Tergum X membranous, oblong, bearing dorsal microsetae; lower lip of tergum X membranous, smooth, with microsetae, digitate and elongate; in dorsal view digitate; in caudal view produced dorsad of phallocrypt. Intermediate appendage not longer than inferior appendage, small, bulbous, with long setae throughout; in dorsal view bulbous; in caudal view bulbous, small, arising at base of mesolateral process of preanal appendage, directed posterolaterad. Preanal appendage tripartite; dorsolateral process elongate, originating from dorsum of mesolateral process, directed anterad, recurved posteromesad then posterodorsad, tapering mesoventrad into acute apex; mesolateral process setose; in dorsal view oblong, in lateral view deltoid; mesoventral process setose; in lateral view forked with distal lobe lightly sclerotized, proximal lobe with ventrad-directed sclerotized apex, anteroventral margin concave, posterior margin angled; in caudal view basally fused to form a single continuous structure, ventral margin of process trilobed, median lobe narrower and lightly sclerotized than adjacent lobes. Inferior appendage bipartite with anterior basal plate not extending anterad beyond sternum IX when observed in lateral view; dorsal branch setose, in lateral view narrowly oblong, directed dorsad and subapically slightly produced posterad; in ventral view narrow, broadening apically, lateral margin apically produced, posterior margin undulate, mesal margin undulate, apically expanded, becoming concave, widening into an internal flange and shallowly fused to ventral branch; ventral branch setose, short; in lateral view almost forming a continuous structure with dorsal branch, basally rounded and narrowing ventrad into rounded sclerotized point; in ventral view quadrate, mesal margin slightly angled, gradually converging mesally. Phallus short; dorsal phallic sclerite in lateral view sinuate, apex oblong; apex of dorsal phallic sclerite in dorsal view obtuse.

Holotype male. BOLIVIA: Santa Cruz: P[arque] N[acional] & A [rea] N[atural] [de] M[anejo] I[ntegrado] Amboró, Guarda Parque Mataracú, Confluence of Quebrada Verde Uno y Dos , 17°33'11"S, 63°52'09"W, 371 m, 23.xi.2004, Robertson, Garcia, Vidaurre—( UMSP000101111) ( UASC). GoogleMaps  

Paratypes. BOLIVIA: Santa Cruz: P[arque] N[acional] & A   [rea] N[atural] [de] M[anejo] I[ntegrado] Amboró, Guarda Parque Mataracú, Confluence of Quebrada Verde Uno y Dos , 17°33'11"S, 63°52'09"W, 371 m, 23.xi.2004, Robertson , Garcia , Vidaurre — 2 males ( NMNH) ( UMSP) GoogleMaps   .

Distribution. Bolivia.

Etymology. We are pleased to name this species in honor of Desiree Robertson, fellow Trichopterologist and friend who collected the only known specimens of this species.


Museo de Historia Natural "Noel Kempff Mercado"


Smithsonian Institution, National Museum of Natural History


University of Minnesota Insect Collection