Charipinae Dalla Torre & Kieffer, 1910

Forshage, Mattias, Bowdrey, Jeremy, Broad, Gavin R., Spooner, Brian M. & van Veen, Frank, 2017, Checklist of British and Irish Hymenoptera - Cynipoidea, Biodiversity Data Journal 5, pp. 8049-8049 : 8049

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Charipinae Dalla Torre & Kieffer, 1910


Charipinae Dalla Torre & Kieffer, 1910

ALLOTRIINAE Thomson, 1862 unavailable


DILYTINI Kierych, 1979

LYTOXYSTINAE Kovalev, 1994


Except where noted, nomenclature follows Menke and Evenhuis (1991) and Ferrer-Suay et al. (2012d). Further taxonomic changes have been made in a series of papers by Ferrer-Suay and colleagues ( Ferrer-Suay et al. 2012a, Ferrer-Suay et al. 2012b, Ferrer-Suay et al. 2012c, Ferrer-Suay et al. 2013a, Ferrer-Suay et al. 2013b, Ferrer-Suay et al. 2013c, Ferrer-Suay et al. 2014a, Ferrer-Suay et al. 2015, Ferrer-Suay et al. 2013d, Ferrer-Suay et al. 2014b). Tribal subdivisions have been abandoned following Paretas-Martínez et al. (2007), who found that Alloxystini was paraphyletic with respect to Charipini . Some Welsh occurrence records from Baker (2013).