Myriochila melancholica (Fabricius, 1798)

Abdel-Dayem, Mahmoud S., Rasool, Iftekhar, Elgharbawy, Ali A., Nagel, Peter & Aldhafer, Hathal M., 2018, Faunistic inventory and zoogeographical analysis of the ground beetles (Coleoptera, Carabidae) of Garf Raydah Nature Reserve, Southwestern of Saudi Arabia, and description of a new species of Paussinae, Zootaxa 4514 (3), pp. 341-371: 347

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Myriochila melancholica (Fabricius, 1798)


Myriochila melancholica (Fabricius, 1798)  

Material examined. WMR: 1150 m: 04.IV.2017, LT, 2 exs.   WMS: 1251 m: 04.IV.2017, HP, 1 ex.   GRNR: 1614 m: 21.II.2014, LT, 1 ex.   31.VII.2015, LT, 1 ex. 1851 m: 26.IV.2014, LT, 1 ex. 1897 m: 26.IV.2014, LT, 1 ex. 2387 m: 26.IV.2014, LT, 1 ex.

Distribution. This species has a wide distributional range in the Old World realm, AFR_MAD_ORR_PAL_SAR, where it is well represented in the tropics of Africa, including Madagascar (AO, BJ, BF, BW, CD, CF, CG, CI, CM, CV, ER, ET, GA, GH, GM, GN, GQ, GW, KE, MW, MZ, NA, NG, SC, SD, SL, SN, SO, ST, TD, TG, TZ, ZA, ZM, ZW); extending northwardly to the Sahara in North Africa (DZ, EG, LY, MA, TN) and to the southern, western, and eastern Europe (AL, AM, AZ, CZ, FR, ES, GE, GR, IT, PT). Also, occurs in the southwestern Asia (AE, BH, CY, IL, IQ, IR, JO, LB, OM, QA, SA, SY, TR, YE); southern and east Asia (AF, CN, IN, NP, PK), and in Central Asia (KG, KZ, TJ, TM, UZ).

Life forms and Remarks. ZEFR species. This species was reported initially from Jizan and Najran provinces by Britton (1948) and recently recorded from Riyadh Province by Abdel-Dayem et al. (2017). It is a new record for Asir Province and was collected between 1150–2387 m altitude range from different plant communities in the GRNR and its bottom.