Ceratomerus inflexus, Hardy, 1930

Bradley J Sinclair, 2003, Taxonomy, Phylogeny and Zoogeography of the Subfamily Ceratomerinae of Australia (Diptera: Empidoidea), Records of the Australian Museum 55, pp. 1-44: 16

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Ceratomerus inflexus


Ceratomerus inflexus   species-group

This Australian species group is characterized by laterally inflated male terminalia, where the epandrial lamellae are normally highly convex, R 2+3 is slightly to strongly deflected and arched around the stigma, and antennal segment 8 (second flagellomere) is much longer than wide. The relationship of this group remains doubtful, although appearing to be the sister group to all remaining Australian species exclusive of the C. ordinatus   group.