Nokona Matsumura, 1931, Matsumura, 1931

Kallies, Axel, Arita, Yutaka, Owada, Mamoru, Wu, Guo-Yi & Wang, Min, 2014, The Paranthrenini of Mainland China (Lepidoptera, Sesiidae), Zootaxa 3811 (2), pp. 185-206: 189

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Nokona Matsumura, 1931


Nokona Matsumura, 1931  

= Aritasesia Nakamura, 2009 syn. nov.

The genus Nokona   occurs from northern India to Japan in the north and Australia in the south and east. It is morphologically very diverse and includes a number of species groups, which are currently not formally recognized. A modern revision of the genus is lacking. Thus, the taxon Aritasesia, which was proposed as a subgenus of Nokona   and based on two species of the Nokona pernix   species group, is here placed in synonymy with Nokona   .

Species of Nokona   are characterized by the morphology of the male genitalia (with well-sclerotized multifurcate, hand-shaped setae), the structure of the antennae (long, almost reaching the discal spot) and the labial palps (with apical segment long and smooth; basal and middle segment rough-scaled, scales relatively short) as well as the size of the head (wide, about 3 / 4 of the width of the thorax).

The following species are hereby transferred to Nokona   : Nokona tristis (Le Cerf, 1917)   comb. nov. ( Paranthrene   ), Nokona metallica   (Hampson, [1893]) comb. nov. ( Sciapteron   ), Nokona metaxantha ( Hampson, 1919)   comb. nov. ( Paranthrene   ), Nokona noblei (Swinhoe, 1890)   comb. nov. ( Sciapteron   ), Nokona henrici (Le Cerf, 1916)   comb. nov. ( Paranthrene   ), Nokona javana (Le Cerf, 1916)   comb. nov. ( Paranthrene   ), Nokona poecilocephala   (Diakonoff, [1968]) comb. nov. ( Paranthrene   ), Nokona pryeri (Druce, 1882)   comb. nov. (Sara [sic]), Nokona minuta (Swinhoe, 1890)   comb. nov. ( Pramila   ), Nokona cupreivitta   (Hampson, [1893]) comb. nov. ( Sciapteron   ), Nokona zoneiventris (Le Cerf, 1916)   comb. nov. ( Paranthrene   ).