Lepidoptera, Linnaeus, 1758

Prins, Jurate De, 2021, Twenty years for Zootaxa and ten years for Afromoths (Lepidoptera): a taxonomic interaction between the journal and an online relational database, Zootaxa 4979 (1), pp. 155-165: 159

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Families of Lepidoptera  treated in Zootaxa

The family with the most descriptions of new species of Afrotropical moth species published in Zootaxa is Erebidae  (66 species-group taxa), followed by Lecithoceridae  (61), Tortricidae  (52), Gracillariidae  (43), Pterophoridae  (33), and Geometridae  (29) ( Fig. 4View FIGURE 4).

Other than the species-rich family Erebidae  , the next four families that received the highest attention of the Zootaxa authors are all microlepidoptera. The species belonging to these families are usually dull-coloured and difficult to distinguish from each other. The popularity of families treated in Zootaxa mainly was linked with the productivity of taxonomists knowledgeable in a limited group, that seldom was treated by a broader community. In total 24 families of Lepidoptera  from the Afrotropical region were expanded by the new species descriptions in Zootaxa ( Fig. 4View FIGURE 4).