Schausiana phalerus (Druce, 1887)

Mielke, Carlos G. C., Grehan, John R. & Monzón-Sierra, José, 2020, Taxonomic revision of Schausiana Viette with two new species from Guatemala and notes on biogeography and correlated tectonics (Lepidoptera: Hepialidae), Zootaxa 4860 (1), pp. 67-91: 75-77

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Schausiana phalerus (Druce, 1887)

comb. n.

Schausiana phalerus (Druce, 1887)   comb. n.

( Figs 12–13 View FIGURES 12–13 )

Phassus phalerus Druce   (1887: 233; pl. 24, fig. 8 (♂ dorsal)); single ♂ [= holotype], Mexico, [Veracruz], Jalapa [recte Xalapa], Hoge [leg.] (NHMUK).— Kirby (1892: 890).—Druce (1898: 451).— Wagner & Pfitzner (1911: 18).—Pfitzner (1938: 1300; pl. 185f ([♂] dorsal)).— Nielsen & Robinson (1983: 18).— Mallet (1984: 77).— Robinson & Nielsen (1984: 16).— Nielsen et al. (2000: 841).—CENGICAÑA (2007: 57).— Mielke & Grehan (2012: 144).— Gómez et al. (2016: 54).—Grehan et al. (2018: 64; fig. 22 (FW cubital patch)).

Type material. Holotype ♂ ( Figs 12 View FIGURES 12–13 a–b): Holotype / [Veracruz] Jalapa, Mexico. Hoege/ B.C.A. Lep. Het, Phassus phalerus   / Type, Sp. figured/ Godman-Salvin, Coll. 98.—40./ Phassus Phalerus   , type Druce ( NHMUK). Examined.

Examined material (2 ♂, 1 ♀). MEXICO. Veracruz   : 1 ♂, holotype (data above). Puebla: 1 ♀, Xicotepec, Dos Caminos, [~ 1200 m], 6.VI.2001 ( CGCM 24.122 ( CGCM)). No available data   : 1 ♂ ( NHMUK)   .

Diagnosis. Schausiana phalerus   is distinguished from other Schausiana   species by (i) the single black dot in the anal area in both ♂ and ♀, (ii) wider spacing of dark brown stripes between veins on the FW postmedial area (especially when compared to its most similar species Schausiana chalciope   sp. nov.), and (iii) the absence of black/ brown markings on the wing margin of the FW and (iv) the absence of black/brown markings at the intersection of the A and CuA 2 veins.

Redescription. Male ( Figs 12 View FIGURES 12–13 a–b).

Head. Frons ochrish-brown, vertex darker.

Thorax. Pro- and mesothorax slightly lighter than vertex, metathorax greyish-brown, ventrally ochrish-brown, metathorax pale yellow. FW length: 52–63 mm, width: 20–23 mm (ratio ~2.7), wingspan: 110–133 mm; elongated, tornus indistinct; costal margin slightly convex, apex pronounced and acute, outer margin slightly concave from apex to Rs3, inner margin convex. DFW ground colour ochrish-brown with numerous indistinct, transverse thin, dark brown stripes and dots over entire surface; anal area with a single detached black spot; U-shaped band brown, darker posteriorly, not reaching A vein, the proximal arm with a conspicuous silver irregular spot concolorous with the silver and oblique stigma; premarginal and marginal bands barely visible, slightly darker than ground colour; evenly spaced white spine-like specialized scales on the veins. DHW ground colour greyish-brown, costal margin distally brown with some darker spots. VFW and VHW greyish-brown with apex and veins distally dark yellow.

Abdomen. First two segments dorsally and ventrally concolorous with metathorax, segments III to VIII dorsally black with some dark blue reflecting scales, lighter posteriorly on each segment, ventrally pale yellow as the metathorax.

Male genitalia. Not dissected (male holotype and paratypes not available).

Description. Female ( Figs 13 View FIGURES 12–13 a–b).

Head. Antenna with ~30 antenomeres.

Thorax. FW length: 75–89 mm, width: 30–34 mm (ratio ~2.5), wingspan: 150–180 mm. DFW ground colour light brown to yellowish-brown; U-band indistinct, yellow-brown; stigma absent. DHW with apical area concolorous with DFW.

Abdomen. As for the ♂.

Female genitalia. Not dissected.

Geographical distribution. Schausiana phalerus   is known only from single localities in the eastern Mexican states of Puebla and Veracruz ( Fig. 48 View FIGURE 48 ).

Host plants. Unknown.

Etymology. It is likely the specific name comes from Greek mythology, son of Alcon from Athens.

Remarks. Schausiana phalerus   is only known from three specimens. Although none of the specimens were dissected, the wing ornamentation presents some features that clearly separate this species from Schausiana chalciope   sp. nov. (see diagnosis). The presence of specialized scales on the FW of both ♂ and ♀ places this species in Schausiana   .


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Schausiana phalerus (Druce, 1887)

Mielke, Carlos G. C., Grehan, John R. & Monzón-Sierra, José 2020

Phassus phalerus

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