Perasis carpenteri Oldroyd, 1970

Londt, Jason G. H., 2007, A review of Afrotropical Perasis Hermann, 1905 (Diptera: Asilidae: Laphriinae), Zootaxa 1521, pp. 9-18 : 13-14

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Perasis carpenteri Oldroyd


Perasis carpenteri Oldroyd

( Figs 4–8 View FIGURES 4–8 )

Perasis carpenteri Oldroyd, 1970: 245–246 ( Uganda; Burundi); 1980: 354 (catalogue entry).

General description: See Oldroyd (1970).

Description of male genitalia ( Figs 4–8 View FIGURES 4–8 : Holotype):

Genital capsule rotated clockwise through approx. 90° (degree and direction probably not significant – see transvaalensis ). Epandrium in dorsal view ( Fig. 5 View FIGURES 4–8 ) slightly longer than wide (length: breadth ration = 1: 1.07), in lateral view ( Fig. 4 View FIGURES 4–8 ) broad, with broadly rounded proximal and distal ends and slightly curved. Proctiger in dorsal view ( Fig. 5 View FIGURES 4–8 ) clearly distally bilobed and projecting well beyond epandrial lobes. Hypandrium in ventral view tapering slightly to broadly curved distal end ( Fig. 6 View FIGURES 4–8 ). Gonocoxite in lateral view ( Figs 4–7 View FIGURES 4–8 ) with somewhat rectangular appearance, dorsal lobe robust (hidden from view in dry condition); gonostylus in lateral view ( Fig. 7 View FIGURES 4–8 ) with rounded apex bearing a slightly backwardly-directed dorsal spine. Aedeagal base in ventral view ( Fig. 8 View FIGURES 4–8 ) lacking distally directed projections.

Female not available for study.

TYPE SPECIMENS. Oldroyd (1970) based his description on ‘ Holotype ♂. Uganda: Bunyoro, v.1928 (G. D. H. Carpenter) ( BMNH). Paratypes. Urundi: Kinanga, Ruzizi [River – 02°55’N 29°10’E], 3♂, 8Ψ, xi.1951 (F. J. F r a n ç o i s) (FJF).’ No illustrations were provided.

MATERIAL STUDIED. UGANDA: 1♂ holotype, ‘Holo- / type’, ‘ Perasis / maura / Mcq’, ‘ Uganda / Bunyoro [Kingdom of – 01°40N 31°30’E] / v.1928 / G.D.H. Carpenter’, ‘ Perasis / carpenteri Oldr. / det H. Oldroyd, 1964 / Holotype’ ( BMNH).

Condition of holotype: Moderate, generally dirty. Head greasy, silvery mystical setae gummed up. Antennae lacking postpedicels. Thorax badly cracked down centre of mesonotum, probably the result of a large accumulation of verdigris around the pin within the thoracic cavity. Left hind leg missing beyond trochanter.

Distribution, phenology and biology. Known only from the East African type material collected at the type-locality in Uganda and one locality in Burundi. Collected in May and November. Biological data are not available. However, like transvaalensis (see below), this species may only be encountered in the vicinity of flowing water (Kinanga being on the eastern banks of the Ruzizi River between Zaïre and Burundi).














Perasis carpenteri Oldroyd

Londt, Jason G. H. 2007

Perasis carpenteri

Oldroyd 1970: 13