Cryptorhynchus helvus LeConte, 1878

Anderson, Robert S., 1807, A Review of the Genus Cryptorhynchus Illiger 1807 in the United States and Canada (Curculionidae: Cryptorhynchinae), The Coleopterists Bulletin 62 (1), pp. 168-180 : 172-173

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Cryptorhynchus helvus LeConte


Cryptorhynchus helvus LeConte

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Cryptorhynchus helvus LeConte 1878:431

Sternochetus woodruffi Sleeper 1955:59 View in CoL , new synonymy

Natural history. Blatchley and Leng (1916) report that it is very rare on dead vines.

Distribution. Fig. 22 View Figs . This species is found in the United States in FL, GA, NY, OH, SC, VA (O’Brien & Wibmer 1982; specimens examined herein).

Diagnosis. Body length 6.5–8.7 mm ( Figs. 3–4 View Figs ). Head above each eye with small glabrous shiny tubercle. Pronotum with only appressed scales. Femora long and slender, each with single tooth situated at about distal 1/3 of length. Elytra with weakly developed concentrations of dark appressed or suberect scales on intervals 3 and 5 near base and at about midlength, not developed as distinct tufts. Male ventrite 5 ( Fig. 12 View Figs ) broadly shallowly impressed medially; ventrite 1 unmodified. Aedeagus ( Fig. 16 View Figs ).

Taxonomic notes. The allotype female of Sternochetus woodruffi Sleeper has been examined (FSCA) and does not distinctly differ from other examined females of C. helvus . Sleeper (1955) mentioned the distinctive form of the antennal funiculus but I can see no differences between the allotype and other specimens of C. helvus on hand. Similarly, he mentions a black crest of scales along elytral interval 3 near the base. This is evident on the allotype but similar, although shorter and not as distinct, scale patches are present on other C. helvus . The ventral triangular impunctate area at the middle of the basal margin of ventrite 5 is present on all specimens examined. Sleeper described Sternochetus woodruffi from Ohio noting that all C. helvus on hand were from Florida. Perhaps this apparent geographic disjunction factored in his decision to recognize the Ohio form as a different species. The holotype male of Sternochetus woodruffi is in the personal collection of Elbert L. Sleeper and was not available for examination.

Images of the holotype of C. helvus are available at http://insects.oeb.harvard. edu/mcz/FMPro?-DB 5 5 web&-Format 5 images.htm&Species_ID 5 5325&-Find

Specimens examined. UNITED STATES: Georgia. Newton, Emory University Field Station , 2.vii.1936 ( CMNC) . North Carolina. Columbus County, 14– 21.vii.1952, light trap ( CMNC) . Ohio. Licking County, Cranberry Bog, Buckeye Lake ,, R. E. Woodruff (Allotype, FSCA) . Virginia. Dismal Swamp ( USNM) . Lake Drummond ( USNM) . Point Lookout ( USNM) .


Departamento de Geologia, Universidad de Chile


Florida State Collection of Arthropods, The Museum of Entomology


Smithsonian Institution, National Museum of Natural History














Cryptorhynchus helvus LeConte

Anderson, Robert S. 1807

Sternochetus woodruffi Sleeper 1955:59

Sleeper. Jens Prena 1955: 59

Cryptorhynchus helvus

LeConte 1878: 431
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