Oryzaephilus mercator (Fauvel, 1889)

Majka, Christopher G., 2008, The flat bark beetles (Coleoptera, Silvanidae, Cucujidae, Laemophloeidae) of Atlantic Canada, ZooKeys 2 (2), pp. 221-238: 226

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http://doi.org/ 10.3897/zookeys.2.14



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Oryzaephilus mercator (Fauvel, 1889)


Oryzaephilus mercator (Fauvel, 1889)  

PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND: Queens Co.: Charlottetown , 23.IV.1985, L.S. Th ompson, in house, (3, ACPE)   .

Oryzaephilus mercator   is newly recorded in Prince Edward Island. It was reported from New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and insular Newfoundland by Bousquet (1991). This cosmopolitan species is one of the most common household pests in Canada. Adults and larvae feed primarily on cereal products, particularly oatmeal, bran, shelled sunflower seeds, rolled oats, and brown rice ( Bousquet 1990).