Telemiades misitheus Mabille, 1888,

Siewert, Ricardo Russo, Mielke, Olaf Hermann Hendrik & Casagrande, Mirna Martins, 2020, Taxonomic revision of the Neotropical genus Telemiades Hübner, [1819] (Lepidoptera: Hesperiidae: Eudaminae), with descriptions of fourteen new species, Zootaxa 4721 (1), pp. 1-111: 18-19

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Telemiades misitheus Mabille, 1888


Telemiades misitheus Mabille, 1888  , stat. rest.

( Figs 18, 19View FIGURES 2–23, 146View FIGURES 142–147, 206View FIGURE 206)

Telemiades misitheus Mabille, 1888  . Le Nat. (2)2 (38): 221, fig. 3 [recte 4] (d, v); Chanchamayo, [ Peru]; Staudinger collection.— Mabille & Boullet, 1912. Ann. Sc. nat., Zool., Paris, (9)16: 113, 121.— Draudt, 1922, in Seitz. Gross–Schmett. Erde 5, p. 868.— Shepard, 1931. Lep. Cat. 47, p. 78.—Lamas, 1969. Biota 7: 354.

Telemiades amphion misitheus  ; Bell, 1949. Amer. Mus. Novit. 1385: 3, fig. 2 (male gen.).— Evans, 1953. Cat. Amer. Hesp. 3, p. 30, pl. 28 (male gen.).—Bridges, 1983. Lep. Hesp. 1, p. 77; 2, p. 36.—Bridges, 1988. Cat. Hesp. 1, p. 121; 2, p. 59.—Maes et al., 1999, in Maes. Cat. Ins. Art. Nicaragua 3, p. 1259.— Murray, 2000. Jour. Res. Lep. 35: 52.— Mielke, 2004. Hesperioidea, p. 56, in Lamas (ed.). Checklist: Part 4A, Hesperioidea–Papilionoidea, in Heppner (ed.). Atlas Neotrop. Lep.  5A.— Mielke, 2005. Cat. Amer. Hesperioidea 3, p. 742.

(no genus) misitheus  ; Beattie, 1976. Rhop. Direct., p. 203.

Celaenorrhinus  sp. [misidentification]; Garwood et al., 2007. Butt. South. Amaz., p. 211, fig. (v).

Type material. Telemiades misitheus Mabille, 1888  was described based on an unspecified number of specimens from Chanchamayo, Peru, provided by Otto Staudinger collection. One male syntype was found at ZMHU, where the Staudinger material is housed, and it is illustrated at Butterflies of America ( Warren et al. 2018) with the following labels: / Origin/ Chanchamayo Thamm/ Telemiades  misitheus  M/ Telemiades misitheus Mab.  / Coll. Staudinger/ Misitheus Mab.  /. In order to stabilize the identity of this species, this male specimen is hereby designated lectotype of Telemiades misitheus Mabille, 1888  and the following labels will also be attached: / Lectotypus / Lectotypus Telemiades misitheus Mabille, 1888 Siewert, Mielke & Casagrande  det. 2019/. These labels will be sent to the curator for the collection.

Diagnosis. FW length: males 20 mm (n=2). Telemiades misitheus  is distinguished from the remaining species of the “ amphion  group” by the following characters: FW with developed and rounded hyaline spots; valva with distal process pointed; fultura inferior distally bifid with distal margin and base rounded; aedeagus with dorsal opening almost half of its total length.

Distribution. Telemiades misitheus  occurs in the eastern Andes, from Chanchamayo ( Peru) to Chulumani ( Bolivia) in altitudes ranging from 1000m to 1400m.

Taxonomic discussion. Mabille (1888) described and illustrated Telemiades misitheus  , but the illustration was also used in the description of T. megallus  , in the same contribution. Later, Bell (1949) considered T. misitheus 

as a subspecies of T. amphion  , an arrangement that has been followed up to now. The wing patterns and the male genitalia can be used to reliably distinguish T. misitheus  from other species of the “ amphion  group”. In addition, T. misitheus  may occur in sympatry with T. amphion  in Bolivia and Peru, which supports the restoration of its status as a separate species.

Examined material. No data, 1 male (ZMHU).

ECUADOR: Morona–Santiago— Macas  , 4–VIII–2011, 1 male, 19–VIII–2011, 1 male, 13–XII–2011, 1 male, 8–I–2012, 1 male, Sangay–Projekt , J.–C. Petit leg. ( CEB)  .

PERU: Cuzco— Callanga , 1500m, 1898, O. Garlepp leg. ( ZMHU)  .

BOLÍVIA: Cochabamba— Santa Cruz de la Sierra, 1905–06, 1 male, J. Steinbach leg., NHMUK 010242515View Materials ( NHMUK)  . La Paz — Chulumani, 1400 m, 22–24–X–1983, 2 males, Mielke & Casagrande leg., DZ 26.041, DZ 26.042* ( DZUP); Yungas, 1000 m, 1908, 2 males, ex–coll. H. Rolle, NHMUK 010242516View Materials *, NHMUK 010242517View Materials ( NHMUK); Yungas del Espiritu Santo, 1888–89, 3 males, P. Germain leg., NHMUK 010242512View Materials, NHMUK 010242513View Materials, NHMUK 010242514View Materials ( NHMUK)  .


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Natural History Museum, London


Universidade Federal do Parana, Colecao de Entomologia Pe. Jesus Santiago Moure














Telemiades misitheus Mabille, 1888

Siewert, Ricardo Russo, Mielke, Olaf Hermann Hendrik & Casagrande, Mirna Martins 2020

Telemiades misitheus

Mabille 1888

Telemiades amphion misitheus

Mabille 1888


Mabille 1888