Telemiades pekahia (Hewitson, 1868),

Siewert, Ricardo Russo, Mielke, Olaf Hermann Hendrik & Casagrande, Mirna Martins, 2020, Taxonomic revision of the Neotropical genus Telemiades Hübner, [1819] (Lepidoptera: Hesperiidae: Eudaminae), with descriptions of fourteen new species, Zootaxa 4721 (1), pp. 1-111: 19-21

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Telemiades pekahia (Hewitson, 1868)


Telemiades pekahia (Hewitson, 1868)  , stat. rest.

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Pterygospidea pekahia Hewitson, 1868  . Descr. Hesp. 2, p. 52; Venezuela; Hewitson collection.— Kirby, 1879. Cat. Coll. Diurn. Lep. Hewitson, p. 235.

Antigonus pekahia  ; Kirby, 1871. Syn. Cat. Diurn. Lep., p. 633.

Ephyriades pekahia  ; Watson, 1893. Proc. zool. Soc. London, p. 33.— Draudt, 1922, in Seitz. Gross–Schmett. Erde 5, p. 878.— Shepard, 1931. Lep. Cat. 47, p. 120; syn.: pakahia.—Shepard, 1936. Lep. Cat. 74, p. 622.

Ephyriades pakahia  [sic]; Mabille, 1903, in Wytsman. Gen. Ins. 17, p. 34.

Telemiades amphion  form pekahia  ; Bell, 1946. Bol. Ent. venezol. 5: 90.

Telemiades amphion pekahia  ; Bell, 1949. Amer. Mus. Novit. 1385: 5.— Evans, 1953. Cat. Amer. Hesp. 3, p. 30, pl. 28 (male gen.).—Bridges, 1983. Lep. Hesp. 1, p. 91; 2, p. 36.—Bridges, 1988. Cat. Hesp. 1, p. 144; 2, p. 59.—Maes et al., 1999, in Maes. Cat. Ins. Art. Nicaragua 3, p. 1259.— Mielke, 2004. Hesperioidea, p. 56, in Lamas (ed.). Checklist: Part 4A, Hesperioidea–Papilionoidea, in Heppner (ed.). Atlas Neotrop. Lep.  5A; syn.: pakahia  .— Mielke, 2005. Cat.Amer. Hesperioidea 3, p. 742; syn.: pakahia  .

(no genus) pekahia; Beattie, 1976. Rhop. Direct., p. 227.

Type material. Pterygospidea pekahia Hewitson, 1868  was described based on an unspecified number of specimens from Venezuela. One female syntype was found at NHMUK and it is illustrated at Butterflies of America ( Warren et al. 2018) with the following labels: / Type [verso from the same label:] pekahia Hew.  / Type [verso from the same label] H 314/ Venezuela Hewitson Coll. 79–89 Pterygospidea pekahia Hew.  / BMNH(E) 1236491/. In order to stabilize the identity of this species, this male specimen is hereby designated lectotype of Pterygospidea pekahia Hewitson, 1868  and the following labels will also be attached: Lectotypus / Lectotypus Pterygospidea pekahia Hewitson, 1868 Siewert, Mielke & Casagrande  det. 2019/. These labels will be sent to the curator for the collection.

Diagnosis. FW length: males 13–15 mm (n=4) and females 17–18 mm (n=4). Telemiades pekahia  is distinguished from the remaining species of the “ amphion  group” by the FW with reduced hyaline spots (some specimens could be misidentified as T. vansa Evan, 1953  ); valva with distal process curved inwards; fultura inferior distally bifid with distal margin and base rounded; lamella antevaginalis slightly concave; lamella postvaginalis with lateral margin slightly rounded.

Distribution. Telemiades pekahia  is found in the north of Venezuela (Puerto Cabello and San Estebán) and in north Colombia (Lago Sapatoza region).

Taxonomic discussion. After describing this species, Kirby (1871) transferred it to Antigonus Hübner, [1819]  and, later, Watson (1893) transferred it to Ephyriades Hübner, [1819]  . Bell (1946) considered pekahia  as a variation of Telemiades amphion  and, later ( Bell 1949), as subspecies of it. The subspecies treatment has been accepted up to now. After examining a series of specimens deposited in the NHMUK, and the type specimen of T. pehakia  , the species status is restored based on reliable differences in the wing pattern and morphology of the genitalia.

Examined material. COLOMBIA: Cesar— Chiriguana , Lake Sapatoza Region, 1 male, C.Alleu leg., NHMUK 010242388View Materials * ( NHMUK)  .

VENEZUELA: Anzoátegui— San Esteban Valley , 1 female, I–III–1877, H. de Sagan leg., NHMUK 010242161View Materials * ( NHMUK); 1 male, VI–VII–1877, H. de Sagan leg., NHMUK 010242160View Materials * ( NHMUK); 1 male, VII–1909, S.M. Klages leg., NHMUK 010242392View Materials ( NHMUK); 1 female, VIII–1909, S. M. Klages leg., NHMUK 010242391View Materials ( NHMUK); Las Quiquas, III–1910, 1 male, ex–coll. H. Druce, NHMUK 010242390View Materials * ( NHMUK)  . Carabobo— Valencia , Puerto Cabello, 1 male, G. Semper leg., NHMUK 010242389View Materials * ( NHMUK)  .


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Telemiades pekahia (Hewitson, 1868)

Siewert, Ricardo Russo, Mielke, Olaf Hermann Hendrik & Casagrande, Mirna Martins 2020

Ephyriades pakahia

Mabille 1903

Ephyriades pekahia

Watson 1893

Telemiades amphion pekahia

Hewitson 1868


Hewitson 1868


Hewitson 1868