Metacyclops cushae Reid, 1991

Gutiérrez-Aguirre, M. A. & Cervantes-Martínez, A., 2013, Diversity of freshwater copepods (Maxillopoda: Copepoda: Calanoida, Cyclopoida) from Chiapas, Mexico with a description of Mastigodiaptomus suarezmoralesi sp. nov., Journal of Natural History (J. Nat. Hist.) 47 (5 - 12), pp. 479-498: 495

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Metacyclops cushae Reid, 1991


Metacyclops cushae Reid, 1991  

Material examined

Ten adult females, and one adult male from Nuevo San Juan Chamula pond, Chiapas, Mexico (16 ◦ 06 ′ 50 ′′ N, 91 ◦ 27 ′ 11 ′′ W) collected 16 April 2000, preserved in 70% ethanol with a drop of glycerine (ECO-CHZ-05525) GoogleMaps   .


The knowledge of the genus Metacyclops   in the Nearctic region is limited, the genus is considered as tropical and temperate, with around 52 species and subspecies worldwide; currently up to 26 species of Metacyclops   have been recorded in the Americas ( Reid 1991), but only Metacyclops cushae   , Metacyclops gracilis Lilljeborg 1853   , and Metacyclops cf. campestris   have been confirmed as valid records in the Nearctic region ( Mercado-Salas 2009). Metacyclops cushae   was described upon specimens from southeastern USA (Louisiana), hence this record extends the distributional pattern of the species, and confirms that the number of Cyclopinae   genera recognized in Mexico has increased to 10 (see Elías-Gutiérrez et al. 2008) including the record of Metacyclops cf. campestris   in Coahuila, México ( Mercado-Salas 2009).