Pheropsophus (Stenaptinus) lineifrons Chaudoir, 1850,

Ullah, Mishkat, Naeem, Muhammad, Mahmood, Khalid & Rafi, Muhammad Ather, 2017, Faunistic studies of the tribe Brachinini (Carabidae: Coleoptera) from northern Pakistan, Zootaxa 4232 (2), pp. 173-184: 182

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Pheropsophus (Stenaptinus) lineifrons Chaudoir, 1850


Pheropsophus (Stenaptinus) lineifrons Chaudoir, 1850 

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Material examined. Islamabad Capital Territory, Islamabad , NARC (Pitfall traps), 4 ♀ & 1 ♂, 28.iv.2014, 1 ♀, 30.iv.2014, 1 ♀, 02.v.2014, Mishkat ( PMNH)  . Islamabad , NIH, 1 ♂, 13.iii.2008, Asad Ali ( NIM)  . Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Topi, Kotha , 1 ♀ & 1 ♂, 27.v.2014, Mishkat ( PMNH)  . Punjab, Attock, Akhori , 1 ♀, 29.v.2014, Mishkat ( PMNH)  .

Measurements. Male (n=3): TL= 15.22 mm, HW= 2.85 mm, PL= 2.96 mm, PW= 3.15 mm, EL= 8.99 mm, EW= 2.96 mm. Ratios PL/PW= 0.93, HW/PW= 0.90 and EL/EW= 3.03

Female (n=8): TL= 16.37 mm, HW= 3.00 mm, PL= 3.14 mm, PW= 3.29 mm, EL= 9.73 mm, EW= 3.09 mm. Ratios PL/PW= 0.95, HW/PW= 0.91 and EL/EW= 3.14

Diagnosis. Head reddish brown, labrum, and apical half of the frons yellow. Head with a longitudinal dark brown stripe from the base of clypeus to the apex of vertex. Pronotum lateral bead black, disc reddish brown with few scattered punctures. Elytra black with yellow humeral mark, median transverse yellow band triangular shaped towards suture, narrower towards exterior end up to eight elytral interval. Elytral epipleura black. Apical elytral band narrow in most cases. Legs yellow, femora terminal ends (knees) black.

Comments: This species resembles to P. (S.) catoirei  for possessing the following characters: head and pronotum mostly reddish brown, legs yellowish, elytra black with rounded yellow humeral mark, transverse median band/strip and apical band. However, P. (S.) lineifrons  can be differentiated from P. (S.) catoirei  on the following characters: apical half of the frons yellow with a longitudinal dark brown stripe from the base of clypeus to the apex of vertex, elytron transverse median yellow stripe triangle-shaped towards suture, elytron epipleura black, elytron apical band very narrow, metepisternum yellow, legs yellow, femora apical ends (knees) black.

Distribution. This species is reported from Pakistan for the first time and collected from Islamabad, Topi- Mardan and Attock. Previously, it has been only reported from India ( Anichtchenko 2016).


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