Corylus avellana, in The Plant List, 2013

Holstein, Norbert, Tamer, Sarah el & Weigend, Maximilian, 2018, The nutty world of hazel names - a critical taxonomic checklist of the genus Corylus (Betulaceae), European Journal of Taxonomy 409, pp. 1-45 : 5

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Corylus avellana


2. Corylus avellana   L.

Species Plantarum: 998 (Linnaeus 1753). – Original citation: “ Habitat in Europae sepibus ”. – Type: “ Avellana   nux sylvestris   ” (lecto-, designated by Sell ( Jarvis et al. 1993: 38): Fuchs (1542: 397, 398) [icon]). – Note: The lectotypification by Browicz (1972: 97) in Rechinger’s Flora Iranica (LINN 1132.1) is superseded because: 1) the chosen specimen featured the note “ byzantinus ”, which Sell interpreted to be in conflict with the protologue, and 2) it may be post 1753 material. However, it would have been a better match for interpretation, because it actually shows the one character Linnaeus uses to separate the species from C. colurna   , this being the ovate, obtuse stipules. The lectotype chosen by Sell, on the other hand does not show stipules, but instead a short cupula, a character that is accepted as typical for the wild C. avellana   . As the type of the genus, C. avellana   L. is to be accepted as long as the genus itself is accepted.