Bruchia fulvipes ( Baly 1885 ), Elytral

Staines, C. L., 2007, A review of the genus Bruchia Weise 1906 (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae: Cassidinae), Zootaxa 1449 (1), pp. 45-50: 46-48

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Bruchia fulvipes ( Baly 1885 )


Bruchia fulvipes ( Baly 1885)  

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Brachycoryna fulvipes Baly 1885: 90   [Holotype: Panama, Tolé, Champion (BMNH)]. Donckier 1899: 572.

Bruchia fulvipes (Baly)   . Weise 1907: 207 (transfer), 1911a: 30 (catalog), 1911b: 44 (catalog); Blackwelder 1946: 729 (faunal list); Papp 1953: 91 (catalog); Uhmann 1957: 115 (catalog); Wilcox 1975: 144 (faunal list).

Brownish-black; elytra with 5 yellow spots, 1 st at base from interspace 1 to interspace 2, 2 nd on interspace 5 just before middle, 3 rd on costa 1 near middle, 4 th from lateral margin to interspace 5 on apical 1/4 th, 5 th on costa 1 on apex; legs yellow, tarsi darker; venter dark, paler apically. Head: vertex granulose; medial sulcus present with a deep medial fovea; sulcus on inner margin of each eye; frons punctate; clypeus paler, with setae. Antenna: does not reach base of pronotum; antennomeres cylindrical; antennomere I short, transverse; II 1.5 times length of I; III–VI gradually increasing in width; VII longer than V–VI combined, long acute club; I–II punctate, III–IV with setae, V–VII setose. Pronotum: slightly longer than wide; lateral margin slightly rounded, straight at base, converging apically; anterior angle rounded; posterior angle acute; subcylindrical; surface granulose, coarsely densely punctate; medial sulcus present from apex of disc to near base; pronotal length 0.6–0.7 mm; pronotal width 0.6 mm. Scutellum: granulose. Elytron: oblong, parallel; apex regularly rounded; lateral margin finely serrulate; convex; surface granulose; humerus produced, rounded; tricostate; costa 1 strongly produced, interrupted near base, curves outward apically, does not attain apex; costae 2 & 3 shorter than 1, obsolete for most of their length; 8 rows of regular punctures, punctures deeply impressed; elytral length 1.7–1.9 mm; elytral width 0.9–1.0 mm. Venter: surface granulose; pro- and mesosterna punctate medially; last abdominal sternite with row of white setae at apex. Leg: tibia with fringe of setae at apex, punctate. Total length: 2.3–2.6 mm.

Comparative notes. This species is most similar to B. sparsa   . It can be distinguished by the elytral costae not being tuberculate; the elytral punctures in regular rows; and the vertex of the head with a medial fovea.

Distribution. Colombia, Costa Rica, and Panama.

Specimens examined. Colombia: Amazonas: PNN Amacayacu , San Martín , 3°46’S 70°18’W, 150 m, 22–30.iv.2000 ( IAVH) GoogleMaps   ; PNN Amacayacu, San Martín , 3°46’S 70°18’W, 150 m, 17–30.vii.2000 ( IAVH) GoogleMaps   ; PNN Amacayacu, Centro de visitants “Yewae”, 3°41’S 70°15’W, 150 m, 1–10. III.2004 ( IAVH) GoogleMaps   ; PNN Amacayacu, Matamata 3°23’S 70°06’W, 150 m, 16.iv–7.v.2001 ( IAVH) GoogleMaps   . Meta: PNN Sierra de La Macarena, Caño Curia Sendero Cachicamos , 3°21’N 72°38’W, 493 m, 25.X–30.XI.2004, 17.i–9.ii.2003 ( IAVH) GoogleMaps   ; Cundinamarca, Madre Redondo, nr. Bogata , 1300 m, III.19.1948 ( AMNH)   ; Putomayo, Santa Rosa, headwaters of Rio San Miguel , 10–23.X.1970 ( FMNH)   . Costa Rica: Puntarenas: 23 km N. Puerto Jiménex, La Palma, 10 m, V – VI 1992, col. P. Hanson ( UCRC)   ; Pen. Osa, Puerto Jiménez , 10 m, X–XI 1992, P. Hanson ( UCRC)   . Panama: Tolé ( BMNH)   . Peru: Puerto Maldonado , Madre de Dios, 600 ft., IV.19.1947 ( AMNH)   . Total : 19   .


Instituto de Ivestigacion de los Recursos Biologicos Alexander von Humboldt


American Museum of Natural History


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Bruchia fulvipes ( Baly 1885 )

Staines, C. L. 2007

Bruchia fulvipes (Baly)

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Brachycoryna fulvipes

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