Melaloncha kittsonae, Brown, 2006

Brown, Brian V., 2006, Revision of the untreated taxa of Melaloncha s. s. bee-killing flies (Diptera: Phoridae), Zootaxa 1280 (1), pp. 1-68: 40

publication ID 10.11646/zootaxa.1280.1.1

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Melaloncha kittsonae

new species

Melaloncha kittsonae   new species

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Recognition. This species can be distinguished from others in the M. stylata   group by the elongate, straight dorsal and ventral lobes of the ovipositor.

Description. Female (male unknown). Body length 2.50–2.75 mm. Frons yellow, bare of setulae except few along eye margin; ocellar triangle black. Mean frontal width 0.40 head width (no variation). Medial furrow absent. Ocular setae brown dorsally, yellow laterally and ventrally; genal setae yellow. Flagellomere 1 basally white, apically yellow; aristomeres 1–2 yellow, 3 dark. Palpus yellow; palpal setulae yellow, sparse, fine. Scutum yellowish brown, with dark brown posterolateral spot in paratype (but not in holotype). Scutellum yellow, with anterolateral dark round spot. Pleuron yellow, except basalare black. Legs yellowish­brown. Combined length of foretarsomeres 0.83 length of foretibia. Foretarsal claws recurved, with large basal lobe. Mean costal length 0.52 wing length (no variation). Halter yellow. Abdominal tergites yellow anteriorly, black posteriorly. Venter of abdomen yellow. Ovipositor basally yellow, mostly black; laterally flattened; dorsal lobe elongate, straight, relatively broad in dorsal view, with long setae; ventral lobe elongate, with long setae posteroventrally; rest of ovipositor with only short, scattered setae, mostly dorsally.

Host. Both specimens were attracted to a mixed aggregation of bees on Phoenix   palm flowers that were also sprayed with honey.

Geographical distribution. Bolivia.

Derivation of specific epithet. Named for Jessica Kittson, in thanks for her volunteer work in my laboratory.

Holotype. ♀, BOLIVIA: La Paz: Coroico, Hotel Don Quixote , 16.19°S, 67.72°W, 6.iv.2004, B. Brown, E. Zumbado, Phoenix   palm flowers [ LACM ENT 194522 View Materials ] ( CBFC). GoogleMaps  

Paratypes. 1 ♀, same data as holotype ( LACM) GoogleMaps   .


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