Zeugomutilla pycnopyga Chen, 1957

Lelej, Arkady S., Williams, Kevin A., Loktionov, Valery M., Pang, Hong & Xu, Zai-Fu, 2017, Review of the genus Zeugomutilla Chen, 1957 (Hymenoptera, Mutillidae, Mutillini), with description of two new species, Zootaxa 4247 (1), pp. 1-15 : 11

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Zeugomutilla pycnopyga Chen, 1957


Zeugomutilla pycnopyga Chen, 1957

(Figs 2, 4, 5, 8–11, 21, 23, 25)

Zeugomutilla pycnopyga Chen, 1957: 157 , figs 9, 10, ♂, holotype, China, Fujian, "Shaowu (Suipeichieh), 4–6.vii.1943 (TM)"; Lelej 2005: 38, ♂.

Zeugomuttila (!) pycnopyga: Lelej 1992: 284 , figs 3, 5, 7, ♂ (Yunnan).

Diagnosis. Male. Body length 10.8–11.5 mm. Flagellomere 1 0.88–0.96 × flagellomere 2. Distance between outer ocellar margins 0.91 × distance between posterior ocelli and dorsoposterior occipital border. Metanotum with median glabrous narrow area. Female. Unknown, possibly Zeugomutilla saepes is the opposite sex of Z. pycnopyga (see Lelej 1992: 284).

Material examined: Other material. China: Yunnan, 30 km SW from Jinping , 370 m, 17.iv.1956, Huang Keren, 1♂ [ ZMMU] ; Thailand: Chaiyaphum, Pa Hin Ngam NP: dry dipterocarp, 15o38.099”N 101o23.921’E, 698 m, 5–11.viii.2006 (Katae Sa-nog & Buakaw Adnafai), Malaise trap, T442, 1♂ [ QSBG] GoogleMaps ; ecotype between mix deciduous/dry dipterocarp, 15o38.100”N 101o23.857’E, 700 m, 18–24.viii.2006 (Katae Sa-nog & Buakaw Adnafai), Malaise trap, T446, 1♂ [QSBG]; Savana ( Thepana waterfall), 15o38.948”N 101o25.625’E, 604 m, 7– 13.x.2006 (Katae Sa-nog & Buakaw Adnafai), Malaise trap, T660, 1♂ [ QSBG]; Chiang Mai GoogleMaps : Chiang Mai Botanical Garden, 18.8955o N 98.8636o E, 11–25.vii.2013 (M. Hauser), Malaise trap, 2♂ [ CDFA, QSBG] GoogleMaps ; Doi Inthanon NP, 18o32.31”N 98o36.05’E, 700 m, 27.ix–5.x.2006 (Y. Areeluck), Malaise trap, T347, 1♂ [QSBG]; Loei, Phu Kradueng NP: Huay Lao Kao , 16o52.442’N 101o50.706’E, 280 m, 23–30.viii.2006 (Sutin Khonglasae), Malaise trap, T490, 1♂ [ QSBG] GoogleMaps ; Koke Hin Ngam , 16o51.948”N 101o50.668’E, 280 m, 9–16.viii.2006 (Sutin Khonglasae), Malaise trap, T482, 1♂ [ QSBG] GoogleMaps ; Phitsanulok, Thung Salaeng Luang NP: dry evergreen, 16o50.217’N 100o52.541’E, 580 m, 25.viii–1.xi.2006 (Pongpitak Pranee), Malaise trap, T573, 1♂ [ QSBG] GoogleMaps ; mix deciduous forest, 16o50.319”N 100o51.792’E, 479 m (Pongpitak Pranee), Malaise trap: 25.viii–1.ix.2006, T575, 2♂ [QSBG, EMUS]; 1–8.ix.2006, T577, 1♂ [QSBG].

Distribution. China (Fujian, Yunnan), Thailand (new record) (Chaiyaphum, Chiang Mai, Loei, Phitsanulok).

Remarks. The holotype was collected by Prof. Tsing-Chao Maa in Fujian [former Fukien], Shaowu, Shui Pei Kai. In 1946, T.C. Maa left mainland China and moved to Taiwan, in 1958–1975 he worked in the Bishop museum in Hawaii ( Hämäläinen 2004). During his Fujian years (1939–1945), Maa worked in different agricultural organizations in Lienching, Chungan and Shaowu and as a lecturer in the department of biology of Fukien Christian University in Shaowu. While in Chungan [currently Wuyishan City] he collected a large number of insects in the "Bohea Hills" in 1939–1940; while in Shaowu, he collected mainly in "Tachulan" [Dazhulan], but also elsewhere in Fujian ( Hämäläinen 2004). The depository of T.C. Maa's personal collection (TM) of Mutillidae is unknown. Possibly his collection is deposited in Taiwan Agricultural Research Institute Taipei ( Maa 1950; Taeger et al. 2010).


Zoological Museum, Moscow Lomonosov State University














Zeugomutilla pycnopyga Chen, 1957

Lelej, Arkady S., Williams, Kevin A., Loktionov, Valery M., Pang, Hong & Xu, Zai-Fu 2017

Zeugomutilla pycnopyga

Lelej 2005: 38
Chen 1957: 157