Hipposideros larvatus Horsfield, 1823

Struebig, Matthew J., Rossiter, Stephen J., Bates, Paul J. J., Kingston, Tigga, Oo, Sai Sein Lin, Nwe, Aye Aye, Aung, Moe Moe, Win, Sein Sein & Mya, Khin Mya, 2005, Results of a recent bat survey in Upper Myanmar including new records from the Kachin forests, Acta Chiropterologica 7 (1), pp. 147-163 : 156-157

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https://doi.org/ 10.3161/1733-5329(2005)7[147:ROARBS]2.0.CO;2

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Hipposideros larvatus Horsfield, 1823


Hipposideros larvatus Horsfield, 1823 View in CoL

Horsfield’s leaf-nosed bat

New records

Kachin State: Namdee Hill; Shan State: Saya San cave; Mandalay Division: La- ung Taw Ka Thapa shrine; Payataung (Pagoda Hill) cave; Wangaber (Lahing Gu) caves.

Previous records from Myanmar

Kachin State: U Daung Taung Gu (HZM/YU); Sagaing Division: Nanda-Ya Ma Chaung (HZM/YU); Mandalay Division ( Bates et al., 2000); Shan State ( Bates et al., 2000), Montawa Cave (HZM/YU); Rakhine State ( Pearch et al. 2003), Bar Min Gu (HZM/YU); Bago Division ( Bates et al., 2000); Mon State ( Bates et al., 2000); Tanintharyi Division: Tagoot ( Wroughton,

1915); Katalu Village (HZM/ YU); Lei Kyet village (HZM/YU).


A medium-sized species of Hipposi- deros. Forearm length and body mass for 80 specimens of both sexes ranged between 55.8–69.3 mm and body mass between 14.0–26.0 g. It is widespread and common in Myanmar.

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