Abrahamia sericea (Engl.) Randrian. & Lowry

Randrianasolo, Armand, Lowry II, Porter P. & Schatz, George E., 2017, Taxonomic treatment of Abrahamia Randrian. & Lowry, a new genus of Anacardiaceae from Madagascar, Boissiera 71, pp. 1-152 : 121-124

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Abrahamia sericea (Engl.) Randrian. & Lowry


30. Abrahamia sericea (Engl.) Randrian. & Lowry View in CoL View at ENA , comb. nova ( Fig. 27 View Fig ).

Protorhus sericea Engl. View in CoL in Bot. Jahrb. Syst. 1: 421. 1881.

Typus: MADAGASCAR: sine loco, s.d., y. fr., Thouars s.n. (holo-: P [ P00580351 ]!).


Trees 5-25 m tall, 11-50 cm DBH, bark with white or translucid latex; young twigs fer-ruginous-pubescent or with short, yellow indument, lenticellate, waxy. Leaves alternate or subopposite, sometimes verticellate; blades oblanceolate to obovate, sometimes obo-vate, 5-15.8 3 2.7-4.5 cm, subcoriaceous, apex emarginate, retuse or shortly acuminate, sometimes truncate, margin entire, base acute or cuneate, adaxial surface glabrous, abax-ial surface pubescent when young, later glabrescent, venation craspedodromous, midvein prominent abaxially, secondary veins 40-70 pairs, more or less parallel, 0.5-3 mm apart, prominent on both surfaces, tertiary veins raised on adaxial surface; petiole 8-20 mm long, canaliculate on adaxial surface and very often flattened at base, pubescent when young, glabrescent. Inflorescence terminal, sometimes axillary, a panicle or thyrse, 5-10 cm long, the axes flattened, covered with yellowish, ferruginous strigose indument. Male and female flowers 5- or 6-merous; pedicel 0-0.3 mm long, strigose or pubescent; calyx lobes deltate or narrowly deltate, 1-1.2 3 1-1.5 mm, imbricate, rarely valvate, adaxial surface glabrous, abaxial surface pubescent or ferruginous, persistent on fruit; corolla lobes ovate, 2-3 3 1-1.8 mm, imbricate or quincuncial, adaxial surface glabrous, abaxial surface pubescent; stamens 5 or 6. Male flowers with filaments 1-1.5 mm long, glabrous, anthers 0.8-1 mm long, ovoid, glabrous; disk 1-2 mm in diam., pubescent; ovary rudimentary. Female flowers with filaments c. 1 mm long, glabrous, anthers 0.2-0.5 mm long, ovoid, sterile, glabrous; disk 1.5-2 mm in diam., pubescent; ovary very widely ovoid, 1-1.5 3 1 -1.5 mm, covered with sericeous indument, placentation subapical; style very shortly trifid (apparently sim-ple), apical, 0.5-1 mm long, pubescent, stigmas capitate. Fruits 2-3 3 0.8-1.5 cm, ellip-soid, slightly asymmetrical, velutinous, with longitudinal striations.

Vernacular names

“Ditimena’’, “Hazombarorana’’, “Rodrano’’ (Tanala), “Sandramy’’, “Sosoka’’, “Tsimalazo’’, “Varoa’’, “Vodihazo’’ (Tanala).

Distribution, ecology and phenology

Abrahamia sericea occurs in eastern humid domain forest, extending from coastal areas to the escarpment ( Map 8 View Map 8 ), where it can reach 800-1200 m elevation. It flowers from September through December, and sets fruit from December until May.

Conservation status

With an EOO of 178,062 km 2, a minimum AOO of 236 km 2, and 64 known localities, with subpopulations in numerous protected areas, A. sericea is assigned a preliminary conservation status of “Least Concern’’ [LC] using the IUCN Red List Categories and Criteria ( IUCN, 2012).


Abrahamia sericea and A. grandidieri are distinctive within the genus in having very closely spaced, parallel secondary veins, but A. sericea differs by the presence of indument on its disk and ovary, a character absent in A. grandidieri but shared with another species, A. thouvenotii , which, however, has very widely spaced, arcuate secondary veins.

Additional material examined

MADAGASCAR. Prov. Antsiranana: Rég. Diana, Tsaratanana RNI, Mandrizavona village , 13°52’33’’S 48°48’44’’E, 700 m GoogleMaps , 27.III.2000, fr., Antilahimena et al. 429 ( G, K, MO, NY, P, TAN); GoogleMaps Ambodimanga Ramena, Tsaratanana Reserve , 13°52’37’’S 48°51’02’’E, 547 m, 15.XI.2001, y. fr., Antilahimena et al. 817 ( G, K, MO, P, TAN); GoogleMaps Antalaha, forêt littorale Ambodipont, Masoala PN, 15°44’45’’S 50°19’25’’E, 3.X.1996, bud, Bernard 360 ( MO, P, TAN); GoogleMaps Ambodimanga, Antsahabe, 13°49’30’’S 48°46’59’’E, 500 m, 7.X.1998, fl., Birkinshaw et al. 527 ( MO, P, TAN); GoogleMaps Manongarivo RS, bras gauche de l’Ambatra, 13°59’S 48°26’E, 470 m, 5. 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Abrahamia sericea (Engl.) Randrian. & Lowry

Randrianasolo, Armand, Lowry II, Porter P. & Schatz, George E. 2017

Protorhus sericea

Engl. 1881: 421
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