Dicheirotrichus (Trichocellus) discicollis (DEJEAN 1829)

Guéorguiev, B., 2011, New and interesting records of Carabid Beetles from South-East Europe, South-West and Central Asia, with taxonomic notes on Pterostichini and Zabrini (Coleoptera, Carabidae), Linzer biologische Beiträge 43 (1), pp. 501-547: 528

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Dicheirotrichus (Trichocellus) discicollis (DEJEAN 1829)


Dicheirotrichus (Trichocellus) discicollis (DEJEAN 1829)  

B u l g a r i a: East Bulgaria, Beloslav 6.-14.VII.1987, 1, 3, leg. P. Bulirsch, det. B. Kataev (cWR).

R o m a n i a: "RSR Istria 20.V.1989 J. Bašte", 1 s. (cWR).

For the first time this species was cited for the Balkan Peninsula from Bulgaria as Trichocellus sp. with supposition that most likely it is T. discicollis ( WRASE 1991: 13)   . In 1994, the identification of D.W. Wrase was confirmed by B. Kataev (D.W. Wrase personal communication). Since recently the species was noted for Bulgaria and Romania without exact data (CATPAL 1: JAEGER & KATAEV 2003: 403), here it is firstly noted with detailed data for both countries.