Smit, H., 2016, The water mite family Aturidae Thor, 1900 from Southeast Asia (Acari: Hydrachnidia) with the description of one new genus and 14 new species, Acarologia 56 (3), pp. 341-365 : 354

publication ID 10.1051/acarologia/20162248

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Javalbia solitaria Smit and Peši´c, 2014

Material examined — Malaysia. 1/2/0, Small unnamed stream crossing Mt Brinchang Road, Cameron Highlands, 4°31.458N 101°23.353E, alt. 1860 m a.s.l., 19-ii-2009 GoogleMaps .

Description — Male: Idiosoma dorsally 478 long and 360 wide, ventrally 421 long. Dorsal shield 463 long and 308 wide. Female: Idiosoma yellowish, dorsally 454 – 478 long and 332 – 356 wide, ventrally 413 – 421 long. Dorsal shield 441 – 464 long and 284 – 308 wide, with three pairs of glandularia and a pair of setae without accompanying glandularia. Dgl-1 close to margin of dorsal shield, postocularia widely separated and distanced from dgl-1. A2 not fused with dorsal shield. Glandularia platelets in dorsal furrow small. Suture lines of coxae obliterated. Cxgl-4 halfway fourth leg sockets and genital field. Genital field 166 – 172 wide, with three pairs of acetabula lying in a triangle. Vgl-4 not fused with ventral shield. Excretory pore fused with postgenital sclerite. Length of P1-5: -, -, 38, 64, 36. Length of I-leg-4-6: 57, 58, 56 (till tip of segment). Length of IV-leg-4-6: 60, 69, 48. Legs without swimming setae.

Remarks — In all characters the male specimen of this study is identical with the holotype (and thus far only known specimen) from Borneo (configuration of the dorsal glandularia and postocularia, anterolateral pair of dorsal not fused with dorsal shield, relatively wide gonopore, vgl-4 fused with ventral shield). The female is described here for the first time.

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