Argyresthia (Argyresthia) conjugella Zeller, 1839,

Liu, Tengteng, Wang, Shuxia & Li, Houhun, 2017, Review of the genus Argyresthia Hübner, [1825] (Lepidoptera: Yponomeutoidea: Argyresthiidae) from China, with descriptions of forty-three new species, Zootaxa 4292 (1), pp. 1-135: 28-29

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Argyresthia (Argyresthia) conjugella Zeller, 1839


14. Argyresthia (Argyresthia) conjugella Zeller, 1839 

( Figs. 23View FIGURES 20 – 27, 93, 94View FIGURES 90 – 95, 150View FIGURES 150 – 153, 206View FIGURES 197 – 208, 259View FIGURES 259 – 261)

Argyresthia conjugella Zeller, 1839: 204  . TL: Germany; Glogau (now Poland; Glogów ) and Bohemia ( Czech Republic). TD: BMNH. 

Argyresthia conjugella var. maculosa Tengström, 1848: 136  .

Argyresthia aerariella Stainton, 1871: 100  . TL: England (Stalybridge, Tameside). TD: BMNH.

Laverna herellera Duponchel  : Matsumura, 1896: 63.

Description. Adult ( Fig. 23View FIGURES 20 – 27) wingspan 12.0̄15.0 mm.

Male genitalia: As in Figs. 93, 94View FIGURES 90 – 95, 150View FIGURES 150 – 153, 206View FIGURES 197 – 208.

Female genitalia: As in Fig. 259View FIGURES 259 – 261.

Variation. Argyresthia (A.) conjugella  has a unicolorous form ( aerariella Stainton  ) and a paler form ( maculosa Tengström  ) in Europe ( Agassiz 1996). We have not found these two forms in China so far. The male genitalia vary slightly in the shape of saccus: subtriangular with a narrowly rounded apex ( Fig. 93View FIGURES 90 – 95), or apparently narrowed to a line distally ( Fig. 94View FIGURES 90 – 95).

Material examined. Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region: 2Ƌ, 1♀, Qiongbola Town (43.44°N, 81.03°E), Chabuchaer Autonomous County, 1871 m, 2.viii.2007, leg. Xinpu Wang, slide nosGoogleMaps  . LTT12139♂, LTT12082♂; 1♂, Baihaba Village (48.53°N, 86.71°E), Habahe County, 1264 m, 27.vii.2007, leg. Xinpu WangGoogleMaps  ; 2♀, Kuerdening Town (43.25°N, 82.92°E), Kongliu County, 1480 m, 4.viii.2007, leg. Xinpu Wang, slide noGoogleMaps  . LTT12861; 5♂, 4♀, Hemu Village (47.71°N, 86.88°E), Buerjin County, 1114 m, 23̄ 24.vii.2007, leg. Xinpu Wang, slide nos. LTT12433View Materials ƋGoogleMaps  , LTT12434Ƌ, LTT12435Ƌ, LTT12859View Materials ♀. Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region: 6Ƌ (1 ex. without abdomen)  , 13♀, Xiaonanchuan plant garden (35.34°N, 106.31°E), Erlonghe Forest Farm, Mt. Liupan , 1900 m, 27,, leg. Shulian Hao and Zhiwei Zhang, slide nosGoogleMaps  . LTT12767♀, LTT12768Ƌ, LTT12824♀, LTT12827♀, LTT12840♀, LTT12860View Materials W; 3♂ (1 ex. without abdomen), Mt. Liupan plant garden (35.34°N, 106.31°E), 1900 m,, leg. Xinpu WangGoogleMaps  ; 14♂ (2 exs. without abdomen), 11♀ (3 exs. without abdomen), Miaomiaotai Forest Station (35.50°N, 106.29°E), Xixia Forest Farm, Mt. Liupan , 2300 m,, leg. Shulian Hao and Zhiwei Zhang, slide nosGoogleMaps  . LTT12179♂ (Barcoded), LTT12765♂, LTT12766♂, LTT12821♂, LTT12837♂, LTT12844̄5♀; 4♂, 3♀, Liangdianxia (35.39°N, 106.29°E), Mt. Liupan , 2080 m,, leg. Xinpu WangGoogleMaps  ; 3♂, 4♀, Rearing farm (35.50°N, 106.29°E), Conference center of Liupanshan Autonomous district , 2310 m,, leg. Shulian Hao and Zhiwei Zhang, slide nosGoogleMaps  . LTT12052♂, LTT12769♂, LTT12823♀, LTT12858♀; 1♀, Qiuqianjian Forest Station (35.56°N, 106.44°E), Qiuqianjia Forest Farm, Mt Liupan , 1700 m, 1-vii.2008, leg. Shulian Hao and Zhiwei ZhangGoogleMaps  ; 1♀, Qiuqianjia Forest Farm (35.56°N, 106.44°E), Mt Liupan , 1700 m, 1-vii.2008, leg. Shulian Hao and Zhiwei Zhang, slide no. LTT12820View MaterialsGoogleMaps  ; 1♀, Dongshanpo Forest Farm (35.39°N, 106.35°E), Mt. Liupan , 2050 m, 7.vii.2008, leg. Shulian Hao and Zhiwei Zhang, slide no. LTT12819View MaterialsGoogleMaps  . Shaanxi Province: 2♀, Yangling (34.27°N, 108.08°E), 450 m, 11,, leg. Houhun Li, slide nos. JQ07333, LTT12786View MaterialsGoogleMaps  . Shanxi Province: 1Ƌ, Dongxia (35.82°N, 112.28°E), Xiachuan , Qinshui County, Jincheng City , 1620 m, 18.vii.2012, leg. Qiang Gao and Na Chen, slide no LTT12762View Materials; 1♂GoogleMaps  , 1♀, Xiyao Village (38.67°N, 112.01°E), Ningwu County, 1475 m, 21-vii.2011, leg. Shulian Hao and Jiayu Liu, slide nos. LTT12742View Materials ƋGoogleMaps  , LTT12756♀. Henan Province: 1♀, Mt. Baotianman (33.52°N, 111.94°E), Neixiang County, 1200 m, 27.v.2006, leg. Jinmei Lv and Xu Zhang, slide no. LTT12321View MaterialsGoogleMaps  . Hebei Province: 1♀, Shuangyuanfeng (40.61°N, 117.45°E), Mt. Wuling , Xinglong County, 800 m, 20.vii.2011, leg. Houhun Li and Yanpeng Cai, slide no. LTT12831View MaterialsGoogleMaps  ; 1♂, Mt. Xiaowutai (39.97°N, 114.81°E), Wei County, 1200 m, 22.viii.2005, leg. Yunli Xiao, slide no. LTT12863View MaterialsGoogleMaps  . Qinghai Province: 1♀, Mengda (35.84°N, 102.49°E), Xunhua County, 2240 m, 13.vii.1995, leg. Houhun Li and Shuxia Wang, slide no. LTT12472View MaterialsGoogleMaps  . Gansu Province: 1♀, Yangba Forest Farm (33.02°N, 105.76°E), Kang County, 800 m,, leg. Aisihaer, slide no. LTT12331View MaterialsGoogleMaps  . Yunnan Province: 1Ƌ, Wenfengsi (26.81°N, 100.19°E), Lijiang County, 2650 m, 18.vii.2001, leg. Houhun Li and Xinpu Wang, slide no. LTT12498View MaterialsGoogleMaps  .

Host plants: Malus pumila Mill.  , Sorbus commixta Held.  , S. aucuparia Linn. ( Moriuti 1977)  , M. spp. ( Agassiz 1996).

Distribution. China (Gansu, Hebei, Henan, Ningxia, Qinghai, Shaanxi, Shanxi, Xinjiang, Yunnan), Europe, America, Canada.

Diagnosis. Superficially, Argyresthia (A.) conjugella  is similar to A. (A.) minutilepidota  , sp. nov.; the European unicolorous form is similar to A. (A.) flavifusca  , sp. nov. The diagnostic characters are stated under each of the latter two species.

Remarks. Argyresthia (A.) conjugella  is an important apple pest, and its distribution apparently matches the main apple production areas in China ( Liu et al. 2013). Morphological variation in the forewing occur in European populations ( Agassiz 1996), and slight variation is found in the saccus of the male genitalia in Chinese populations. The shape of the saccus often varies to a small degree intraspecifically, and these slight variations cannot be used as reliable diagnostic characters in separating species.














Argyresthia (Argyresthia) conjugella Zeller, 1839

Liu, Tengteng, Wang, Shuxia & Li, Houhun 2017

Laverna herellera

Matsumura 1896: 63

Argyresthia aerariella

Stainton 1871: 100

Argyresthia conjugella var. maculosa Tengström, 1848 : 136

Tengstrom 1848: 136