Diphascon (Adropion) prorsirostre Thulin 1928, Thulin, 1928

Guil, Noemí, 2008, New records and within-species variability of Iberian tardigrades (Tardigrada), with comments on the species from the Echiniscus blumi-canadensis series, Zootaxa 1757, pp. 1-30: 18

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http://doi.org/ 10.5281/zenodo.181845



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Diphascon (Adropion) prorsirostre Thulin 1928


Diphascon (Adropion) prorsirostre Thulin 1928  

This was a rare species; the only specimen found had narrow buccal and pharyngeal tubes with no drop between them. Three rod-shaped macroplacoids but no microplacoid was within the pharyngeal bulb. Body length of the only specimen found was 528 μm, and it was in a LF sample (Table 3). The species has been cited in Europe, Asia, America and Oceania. In the Iberian Peninsula, it has been recorded for Andorra ( Maucci & Durante Pasa 1984) and Portugal ( Maucci & Durante Pasa 1985). It is the first record for Spain ( Table 2 View TABLE 2 ).