Cochlostoma (Clessiniella) anomphale Boeckel, 1939

Zallot, Enrico, Mattia, Willy De, Fehér, Zoltán & Gittenberger, Edmund, 2021, Cochlostoma revised: the subgenus Clessiniella Zallot et al., 2015 (Caenogastropoda, Cochlostomatidae), European Journal of Taxonomy 762 (1), pp. 49-95: 75-78

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Cochlostoma (Clessiniella) anomphale Boeckel, 1939


Cochlostoma (Clessiniella) anomphale Boeckel, 1939  

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Cochlostoma septemspirale anomphale Boeckel, 1939: 41–50   (“Karawanken, Trögern. Weg nach Vellach”).

Cochlostoma septemspirale anomphale   – Zilch 1958: 57.

Cochlostoma (Turritus) anomphale   – Gittenberger 1971: 115–118.

Cochlostoma anomphale   – Welter-Schultes 2012: 91.


Shell quite densely ribbed, spots on the teleoconch generally clearly visible, body whorl inflated shortly before the lip. Visceral oviduct simplified with 1–2 superficial loops at most; seminal receptacle always club-shaped.

Type material

Paratypes AUSTRIA • 2 specs; Trögern , way to Vellach; SMF 42967/2 ( Fig. 24 View Fig )   .

Other material (we analyzed fresh material from the type locality)

AUSTRIA • EisenKappel ; 46.48583° N, 14.59111° E; 2010, Mildner leg.; EZ0034 GoogleMaps   Vellach ; 46.42332° N, 14.53639° E; Aug. 2010; De Mattia leg.; EZ0991 GoogleMaps   .

SLOVENIA • 210 road, N of Kokra; 46.34318° N, 14.48336° E; Aug. 2010; De Mattia leg.; EZ0993 GoogleMaps   Gornji Grad; 46.2934° N, 14.82796° E; Aug. 2010; De Mattia leg.; EZ0996 GoogleMaps   Kamniska Bistrika ; 46.32722° N, 14.59° E; 2010; Zallot leg.; EZ0033 GoogleMaps   Kokra ; 46.30356° N, 14.4771° E; Aug. 2010; De Mattia leg.; EZ0995 GoogleMaps   Logarska Dolina ; 46.41959° N, 14.65074° E; Aug. 2010; De Mattia leg.; EZ0994 GoogleMaps   Logarska Dolina ; 46.42334° N, 14.66301° E; Aug. 2010; De Mattia leg.; EZ0992 GoogleMaps   Podvolovliek- Stahovica ; 46.28787° N, 14.69765° E; Aug. 2005; Zallot leg.; EZ0036 GoogleMaps   Savinjska Dolina ; 46.36596° N, 14.7318° E; 2010; De Mattia leg.; WdM1579 GoogleMaps   Solčava; 46.42002° N, 14.19172° E; Jul. 2010; De Mattia leg.; WdM7010 GoogleMaps   Stahovika ; 46.26528° N, 14.60361° E; 2005; Zallot leg.; EZ0035 GoogleMaps   SV Anton ; 46.28787° N, 14.69765° E; 2010; Zallot leg.; EZ0032 GoogleMaps   .


The holotype and 23 paratypes should be in the Boeckel collection at the Naturkundemuseum Erfurt ( Hartmann et al. 2018: 26). However, the shells could not be traced when this article was prepared (C. Unger in mail October 14, 2020).Type locality - Austria, Trögern, way to Vellach.


SHELL. The outside of the body whorl is inflated shortly before the apertural lip ( Fig. 4A View Fig : OB). The lip is poorly developed; it is almost vertical at the palatal side, and curved backwards and covering the umbilicus at the columellar side. The shells are more densely sculptured and the ribs are weaker than in the other species of Clessiniella   . Most of the shells have spots.

FEMALE GENITALIA. There is a spindle-like seminal receptacle. The visceral oviduct has only 1–2, superficial, loops.

MALE GENITALIA. The swollen penis is longer than the body and has a central spermiduct. There is a protruding, straight, body spermiduct.


Cochlostoma (Clessiniella) anomphale   inhabits the Karawanken in south-eastern Austria and northern Slovenia.

Habitat preference

The animals can be found under and on stones and boulders in shady habitats in forests.


This species was initially described as a subspecies of Cochlostoma (Cochlostoma) septemspirale   . Gittenberger (1971) considered it a separate species because of the sympatry with Co. (Co.) semptemspirale heydenianum   and the lack of conchologically intermediate specimens. This is an epitome of quite common Cochlostoma   taxonomical issues: based on shell morphology it was initially described as subspecies of a taxon which is only distantly related.














Cochlostoma (Clessiniella) anomphale Boeckel, 1939

Zallot, Enrico, Mattia, Willy De, Fehér, Zoltán & Gittenberger, Edmund 2021

Cochlostoma anomphale

Welter-Schultes F. W. 2012: 91

Cochlostoma (Turritus) anomphale

Gittenberger E. 1971: 115

Cochlostoma septemspirale anomphale

Zilch A. 1958: 57

Cochlostoma septemspirale anomphale

Boeckel W. 1939: 50