Ophiactis Lütken, 1856,

Stöhr, Sabine, Çinar, Melih Ertan & Dagli, Ertan, 2010, Brittle stars (Echinodermata: Ophiuroidea) from the southern coast of Turkey (eastern Mediterranean): new records and revision of Amphiodia obtecta Mortensen, 1940, Zootaxa 2483, pp. 45-57: 53

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http://doi.org/ 10.5281/zenodo.195488

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Ophiactis Lütken, 1856


Genus Ophiactis Lütken, 1856 

Two species of the genus Ophiactis  ( O. savignyi  and O. macrolepidota  ) were found in this study, but it is possible that also O. virens  and O. balli  will eventually be found in the area. These species can be distinguished by the characters listed in Table 1. In the Mediterranean Sea O. macrolepidota  and O. savignyi  are both known only from the eastern basin and a Red Sea origin of the populations by way of the Suez Canal is likely, but has not yet been proven. Due to their wide geographical distribution, including a presence in the eastern Atlantic, great taxonomic confusion (4–6 synonyms in O. macrolepidota  and 15 in O. savignyi  ), and fragmentary collecting efforts in eastern and southern Mediterranean countries, it is difficult to trace the first appearance and later spreading of these species. Future molecular studies may provide some further insight.

Species Arms Ventral Radial shield length Disk spines O r a l Colour disk papillae